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Crossdresser Survey 2024​… I want to hear YOUR story…

UPDATE: The Survey Results Are Listed At The Bottom Of This Page

This survey is primarily to explore crossdressing, but I have found we are all on both a spectrum and journey of gender, sexuality and femininity, so please bear this in mind.

Hello lovelies. I hope you are indulging every fantasy at this Christmas period. I know I am!

I have a HUGE favour to ask.

I want to know you better. I want you to share your story with me. You can of course remain anonymous.

You see, I am writing my biography, a book for gurls like us. Gurls who love the look, feel and touch of feminine clothes. And I am conducting a super short survey so that I can include information from the whole community. Would you participate?

The questions are almost all multiple choice, so very easy to do and I will share the results with you. There are boxes where you can expand your answers too, should you wish to.

It takes a moment for the page to load, but you can see the questions here…

Make sure you get to the end too, and press the final SUBMIT NOW button, or we won’t get your answers.



By sharing your experiences and opinions, we can really lift the skirt on our lives and fantasies so that we can ALL live more fulfilled lives in nylons and heels.

Your data will be anonymous and your privacy respected. I may use your answers in my book for gurls like us, and if I do, it will be attributed to the name you supply (just first name).

Thank you SOOOO much, and I cannot wait to share the results with you!

PS – Please leave your thoughts below in the comments too, if you want to share more.

Kisses in heels.

Jenny Raven

Explore The Survey Results...

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43 thoughts on “Crossdresser Survey 2024​… I want to hear YOUR story…”

  1. I’m 62 years old and I’ve only recently begun accepting the fact that I’m bisexual and feminine in nature. My wife has been very supportive. She recognized my femininity decades ago and was surprised to learn that I never even had a clue that I was feminine until recently. Now, the more allow myself to experience, the happier I am.

    1. Thank you so much for doing the survey. Both you and your partner seem lucky to have figured this out. On balance, connecting with our feminine more seems to me to be totally harmless and I cannot understand why some people would rather we live a lie than to indulge occasional fantasy. Big love to you both!

      1. I am 57 transgender woman just dying to come out of the closet and transition start hormones and transition full time as a woman. I am stuck in fear about taking that leap of faith, for me this will end my marriage in divorce the kids will be told along with my mom and family and job. I dream every waking moment of every single day what life would be like if I were living it as the woman I was meant to be

  2. Thank you for your survey! I enjoyed filling it out and sharing a fantasy. I have more fantasies I would be willing to share with you.

  3. Mandy Samantha Wilson

    Hi. I’m in my late fifties and consider myself genderfluid…..a crossdresser….I’d just like to say, many thanks for this survey, it’s allowed me to express myself and finally tell someone my thoughts and dreams. Also to share my experiences and thoughts about the future. Many thanks.

  4. Am Tom from Germany and into female cosplay fantasy with naughty nuns or nurses. Am a lover of cute crosses and dream dresses.
    Thnx for the survey

  5. As long as i remeber, i always love pantyhose. When i was young, i stole mother’s pantyhose.
    When i was adult, i talk to my wife about my pantyhose fetishism.
    She accpeted it. With time, i improved my wardrobe with panties, stockings, garter belt.
    I wear my lingerie under my clothes everywhere (even at work).
    Eveytime i wear, i’m completemy aroused.
    And i would like to go deeper with domination from my wife.

    1. Nylons are my absolute favourite, the way they feel, especially when other materials slip over them is delicious.

      Your wife sounds great as she is accepting. That’s amazing. I do hope you can deepen the connection and she can help fulfil your fantasies.

    2. You are already living the dream and I envy you.
      I love sheer pantyhose, but my favourite against my smooth legs has to be stockings.
      If your wife allows you to take things further and she dominates you, it will be heavenly for you both.
      Katya x

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  7. Thanks for letting me relive my journey of discovery and transition! I got to revisit some of the scariest and most eye opening moments in my life.

      1. Hello Jenny,

        I was delighted and honored to fill your survey out and you are welcome to contact me anytime to ask me anything. I wish I could contact you and ask for some pointers and tips to help me with dressing. There is really no one else I would trust.

        1. YOu can send me an email above on the contact foem and I will reply. Or you can follow me on Instagram and send me a message and we can live chat. I would love to hear from you.

  8. I’m in my early thirties and discovered a love for crossdressing with my now-fiancee. Ever since we’ve had an amazing time improving my game, putting together outfits, playing dress-up and acting out fantasies for us both. It’s been a lot of fun and a huge turn on for us both, thanks for the survey that let me relive the whole journey. Hope for more!

      1. Thanks, it really is amazing. She was really interested in the survey and reading my answers too. We both hope to see more of this, its the first time I’ve written any of our fantasies or experiences down

  9. Thank you for the opportunity to share my fantasy I’ve never written it down before and wish I could be more descriptive my thoughts of wearing skirts dresses stockings and heels are so vivid in my mind and wish could do it for real xx

    1. Laura, I can see from your comment that the urge to slip into something feminine is strong.
      I rarely get the chance, but when I do, it’s heaven, and worth the extra heart beats it produces in arousal, and fear of discovery.
      I’m like Jenny in one way at least, and that is that I write erotica, so my fantasies become my stories which brings some relief.
      I hope you find the courage and the opportunity to dress up for real, even if it’s only a couple of items. You’ll love it.
      Katya x

      1. Hi Katya, I do occasionally get the opportunity to slip into my little collection of skirts, bodycon mini dress and heels and yes the rush the feeling is intoxicating. It’s been lovely to share my fantasies and thoughts with Jenny and others who are exactly like me as it can be so lonely not being able to be the sexy slut I want to be sometimes. Laura xx

    1. Thanks Sarah, I am going to share the results soon. I have now hit the statistical significance point of 100 responses, so we are around 95% accurate! 5% error margin.

  10. This was enjoyable! I like being able to share my story, views, and history. I always hope it helps other people who may be struggling or coming to terms. When I started, there was no Internet, so I learned alone and without support. I enclosed my email in the survey, please feel free to contact me if you would like any follow up or more information,

    1. I too began before the web and now marvel at what is around us. Sexuality was SOOOOO hidden when I was discovering mine and dealing with the shame I felt around it.

  11. Thank you for the invitation to complete the survey, Jenny.
    As you know, I write ‘regular’ genres under my own name, but I write erotica under the name of Katya Cumming.
    I enjoyed completing the survey, and I hope my responses help. I was becoming aroused in some parts of the survey, like when I wrote about what I enjoy wearing–when I get the rare opportunity.
    Occasionally, I have a day alone; when I do, I transform as much as possible and work on my latest naughty story. I believe my erotic writing improves when I’m sitting here, occasionally glancing at my red-painted nails or pausing to caress the lace hold-ups of my stockings.

    1. I just read your responses you minx! Delicious! I cannot wait to share the responses, and in some instances will take the comments and responses and turn them into true stories that will make the information easier to digest. Thank you so much, delighted you have been a part of it!

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