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Part 7: Fantasy… The Results Of The 2024 Crossdressing All Gurl Survey

OK gurls, let's open up completely...

So what does fire you up the most? I asked. You shared….

To get us in the mood, I asked about threesomes first, but this final section is simply the cherry on top of the whole survey. We also shared about porn and what we watch.

What fantasies fill our panties the most? Buckle up, it will be wild!

Note: I have edited out the very long fantasies and may well publish over the coming weeks. So please dont be offended if I removed your longer fantasy.



Do you watch porn for pleasure?

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Looks like most of us indulge in porn. We are naughty!


If you were to have a threesome, who would you like it with?

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A pie chart with the words threes, who would you like?.

All the data shows it, we predominantly find attraction to femininity. I know I do. So much, I even dress up as a feminine woman. And there it is!

Comments Analysis

  1. Feminization and Role Reversal: Many fantasies revolve around the idea of being transformed or dressed up as a woman, often with a focus on specific clothing like high heels, lingerie, or dresses. This theme frequently overlaps with scenarios involving a dominant partner who facilitates or enforces the transformation.

    • Example: “I am completely in love with high heels, thongs, bras, bodysuits, panties, long and very short dresses, bikinis… feel free to choose randomly and girly casual, elegant to extremely sexy even kinky/fetish as you prefer.”

  2. Submission and Dominance: A significant number of comments express fantasies involving submission to a dominant partner, often a woman. This includes scenarios where the crossdresser is a submissive sissy, maid, or sex slave.

    • Example: “My ultimate fantasy is to be a feminized sissy to a dominant woman. She uses her feminine charms to dominate me. I am her maid, her sissy, and submissive to all women.”

  3. Public Outings and Social Acceptance: Many crossdressers fantasize about going out in public while dressed, either alone or with others, seeking acceptance or enjoying the thrill of being dressed in public.

    • Example: “I’d like to spend some days as my girlfriend’s housewife. Doing everything for her and getting slammed when she comes home.”

  4. Sexual Encounters and Experimentation: Fantasies often involve sexual encounters, either with a specific type of partner (men, women, trans individuals) or in specific settings (office, gym, mall). There’s also an emphasis on experimentation and trying new sexual experiences.

    • Example: “To dress up with another crossdresser and sexually experiment all night.”

  5. Transformation and Being ‘Made’ into a Woman: Several comments express a desire for a complete transformation into a woman, often involving scenarios where the crossdresser is forced or coerced into this role.

    • Example: “Forced to become a Stepford Wife while keeping my male genitals. Again, public humiliation with everyone knowing who and what I truly am.”

  6. Role-Playing and Specific Scenarios: There’s a clear interest in role-playing specific scenarios, such as being a secretary, nurse, flight attendant, or other roles typically associated with femininity.

    • Example: “My most vivid fantasy involving crossdressing crosses over with my fiancee’s fantasy about pegging me.”

  7. Acceptance and Romance: A subset of fantasies focuses on being accepted and loved as a woman, often in a romantic or marital context.

    • Example: “Having a group of friends over to socialise and being free to wear whatever they/I felt like on the day.”

  8. Exploration of Identity and Gender Expression: Some comments reflect a deeper exploration of gender identity and expression, beyond just the act of crossdressing.

    • Example: “I am a dark haired male who wants to be a blonde Haired woman but cannot be one due to my religion.”
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Comments left by the gurls...

What are your fantasies?

“Working as Laura in an office where I can wear skirts heels and stockings all day with a female boss who makes me work late and pleasure her but she also helps me dress up for evenings out with the office girls”

“I’ve often fantasised about being stranded with a broken down car and being rescued by a gorgeous woman who takes me to her place to get assistance, but unbeknown to me she’s arranging for her girlfriends to come round for some fun. A drink she’s given me is drugged and I wake up naked and chained to a bed and they come in to start my training and transformation to a sissy maid / sex doll with punishment for non compliance”

“Just be fully femme be taken out by a gorgeous man or woman or trans woman. Then be taken back to their place for sex or lesbian sex.”

“Dressing up and going to the gym or to the mall”

“I am completely in love with high heels, thongs, bras, bodysuits, panties, long and very short dresses, bikinis, … feel free to choose randomly and girly casual, elegant to extremely sexy even kinky/fetish as you prefer. Make-up, jewelry, etc. can also (and please)”

“I never really think about this. It’s not that I get turned on by the idea, but I’d like to be able to get all dressed up and have a girls night out with my wife.”

“My ultimate fantasy is to be a feminized sissy to a dominant woman. She uses her feminine charms to dominate me. I am her maid, her sissy, and submissive to all women. She dresses me in satin, nylon, lacy, ultra feminine lingerie and clothes.
She does not hesitate to expose and humiliate me in front of other women. I am her devoted, submissive, obedient, sissy.”

“Back when I was young and fit and single…I often wanted to be kidnapped and held captive by a house of dominatrix and used by them for whatever they wanted…”

“Forced to become a Stepford Wife while keeping my male genitals. Again, public humiliation with everyone knowing who and what I truly am.”

“Halloween and sleeping with two girls”

“Forced to be feminised . Have a master and mistress”

“My dream is to go to Thailand and fully dress as a girl. I would like to meet a Ladyboy who would slowly undress me and pull my panties down. Then she would suck my cock and make me cum. Then she would turn me face down on the bed and fuck me with her hard cock.”

“I’d love to be seduced by a trans nurse as a female doctor”

“To dress up with another crossdresser and sexually experiment all night”

“I want my wife and her friend to dress me up and do my makeup and the three of us go out for drinks at a lovely bar. Then we return to a hotel room where we share toys and bring each other to orgasm. I stay dressed the whole time and we go out the next morning for coffee and brunch. Then follows another romp in the hotel.”

“My most generic fantasy is to be the hot secretary at an office where my job is to make sure all the men cum everyday. Could be in their office or in the stockroom or break room.”

“My specific fantasy is for a tall, muscular man to come to my door and take me in whatever manner he desires.”

“To be dominatee by my wife while i’m crossdressed.”

“Being tied and gagged wearing a latex or pvc maids outfit”

“Being fully dressed and tied hands an feet, face down over a table and then spit-rosted by two trans girls.”

“I would like to get fucked in a hotel room with my partner there giving me instructions as I get fucked buy numeros guys and trans girls, getting cum all over my mouth and face.”

“I am a dark haired male who wants to be a blonde Haired woman but cannot be one due to my religion”

“True story, my (then) girlfriend bought tickets for a 21+ Prom Re-Do, rented a room near the event, I bought a dress, heels, lingerie, had my hair and nails done. My girlfriend brought out a new toy (an app controlled butt plug), asked me to wear it, we had aphrodisiac THC chocolates before prom. It was absolutely magical and I loved the control she had over me. I was begging her to take me home and ravage me before prom was over and she did just that. Didn’t even get my dress off before she had her strap out!”

My wife comes home with a new friend, a pretty girl in her late 20s she met during a night out. My wife is flirty with her and hints that I should go put my favourite clothes on. When back told to pleasure the new girl and I find she has a cock. Hesitantly, with the encouragement from my wife, I pleasure the trans girl whilst my wife kisses her.
“When I got my first high heels. I would only take them of to sleep.”

“Being tied and gagged wearing a pvc or latex maids outfit and being left in a hotel room for cleaners find me
A girls day with another girls. Followed by a night out as two beauties end up in bed with lesbian sex.”

“My fiancee and I have actually acted out a number of both our fantasies involving crossdressing. We are into BDSM play and both of us particularly enjoy it when I dominate her while crossdressing as a dominatrix in full leather outfit. Once when we were staying at a hotel we also acted out a fantasy involving me dressing as a maid. She started groping the help, but then the help ended up fucking her…”

“I enjoy all of these scenarios, in particular I enjoy watching myself in the mirror while engaging in sexual acts while crossdressing (either with my fiancee or by myself)”

“My most vivid (though completely impossible) fantasy involving crossdressing crosses over with my fiancee’s fantasy about pegging me (something we’ve been working up to for a while). It is essentially a foursome consisting of crossdresser-me, regular me, and two versions of her. The most vivid scene from my imaginings consists of regular me and one version of her on all fours making out, while crossdresser-me and another version of her are fucking/pegging the first two from behind.”

“I feel like I’m a scholar of sissy and crossdressing fantasies, and write some myself (although not, at this time, professionally). My favorite trope is men forced to dress by sadistic women who find it very entertaining, forced to have sex with men, cuckolding, and then having to admit how much they actually love it.”

“I love “”getting caught”” fantasies as well, a man noticing your panties when you bend over and coercing you into sex, that sort of thing.”

“Other fantasies that have intersected with CD include chastity pegging femdom sissification”

“I was feminised into my true self and was showed how it feels to be taken like a real gal”

“I would love to dress in a nice little black dress with a cool jacket and high heels, and lacey lingerie on the inside. I’d like to roam around with my girlfriend, pretending to be lesbian lovers. And then after reaching the room, we’d be having sex in a very passionate manner and at the end I get to experience sissygasm along with a normal orgasm.”

“Chastity and forced feminization with s bery big submission component to another woman”

“The boy is still in my head but it is way in the back of my head.”

“As a Mistress I like to think that he is in the back of my head dressed up as a sissy bound, gagged, caged and plugged. With high heels locked to his feet. Collared and feminised beyond recognition but in a very convincing way.”

“To be a sissy, locked and plugged and be used for a while night be everyone”

“To be forced to dress as a girl and be taken by a man/ trans female”

“Pretty much acted on all my fantasies already”

“My previous partner was bi so loved having a gurl with a big clit ,my line of work allows me to ‘obtain ‘ women’s worn panties and my partner would lick and sniff them while I fucked her ,when I made her come she’d pull my hair and call me a good little girl which I found amazing”

“Ive always wanted to get a group of mature gurls together and make a video of Granny Trannys Gone Wild.
Generally my biggest fantasy revolves around someone finding out about my secret crossdressing and forcing me to live out my dream of being a true slut. Being used as a sex toy by a strong man or men. Being feminzed and treated like a little slut.”

“I like every woman wearing a wedding dress would be my greatest fantasy I would love to wear a full bridle outfit. I have thoughts of marrying a woman or man on such a day!!!”

“I dont know if i have a fantasy but i do have urges and goals for myself. I would however love to spend an entire weekend as sarina. Dressed head to toe, go out for the night with other crossdressers and girls. Get my make up done professionally, get fitted and sized up for lingerie. Just have a full weekend of being a girl is my favorite fantasy.

“Mainly acceptance. Having a group of friends over to socialise and being free to wear whatever they/I felt like on the day. Like myself they would be open and friendly about sex and after stimulating conversation those that wanted to embraced and enjoyed an evening of sexual exploration.”

“I really haven’t had the opportunity to experience any due to lack of time and privacy”

“having a long term relationship with an accepting gg”

“having occasional oral sex with another cd”

“I want to be fully dressed as a girl and spit roasted by a few shemale dominatrices in front of an audience”

“Going out shopping 🛍️ for women clothes with some one who doesn’t judge, having sex with women who help me dress 👗 and undress and dose not see me as a disgusting pervert”

“To be treated and thought of as a woman. Both in and out of the bedroom.”

“I put on lipstick and a bra while inserting tissues folded up like a dildo up my ass.”

“My perfect submissive CD fantasy is a handsome man with a nice cock picks me up and takes me out for a nice dinner then to a Club then home for fun. He would treat me just like a female with respect but at home he would be dominating and a little rough on this girl with a little pain like spanking or nipple twisting. Of course I would give him all the things a female gives.”

“My perfect dominating CD fantasy in a nut shell would be me arriving at a submissive sissies home and shes all dressed waiting for me. After ordering her to do a few things I would tie her with my soft ropes and gag her hot mouth. In time I would use toys on her pussy and little dicklet to tease her while denying her an orgasm. When she was exhausted only then would I fuck her mouth and pussy. After releasing her she would serve both of us drinks and relax.”

“I love roleplays and uniform. I would love to meet a couple – ideally both submissive for a school scenario where I am the strict headmistress. The combination of crosssdressing and dominating and the uniforms and roleplay would be just perfect”

“Honestly, my fantasy is I would love to just go out dressed as I desired and not be judged for it. If I want to go out in an evening dress and just relax in the presence of others, I would love to do that.”

“I would just like to find a lady friend who is willing to teach me makeup and hair styling. Maybe go shopping for clothes together, then go out for ladies night. Maybe some dancing (her and me. Not interested in men).”

“That would be my very first tranny date. I was very nervous about it all day and considered cancelling several times, but my little voice said “If you don’t do this tonight, you never will”. So I went to the date’s house, showing up in drab with a bottle of wine. My date was also in drab and we drank most of two bottles of wine and chatted before we transformed. She was wonderful with me, very patient and I had an amazing time. The other occasion that stays with me is one of the first times I tried to take cock. (I’ve always been more top than bottom) I was having a 3some with my regular gurl and another. She had an amazing cock and I couldn’t keep my hands or mouth off it. Then I decided I wanted to try taking her in my virgin pussy. So I took up the cowgirl position and managed only about two inches (she was quite large!) It felt extraordinarily sexy and is my most erotic experience with man or woman to date. Luckily, my gurlfriend video’d the entire incident!”

“Sensual loving partner who dresses me, or finds me while coming home already dressed. Maybe after a date.
We have matching lingerie and have traditional sex. Or, she is more masculine and I assume the female role of receiving her. It has to be a CIS or trans woman. I could not submit to a man. Also, I’m not into serving, being shamed or degraded in this role. I’m disappointed at the lack of women who are into CDs. Also don’t care for being dominated or the shame part of feminization. We should be equal adults having intercourse as loving affirming partners. Sigh. Maybe someday.”
I would love to be all dolled up wearing a tight mini skirt, and un-zip a man’s pants pull out his cock and make it hard, by sucking on it, and then he stands me up pushes me against the wall, holds my head against it, pulls my panties down and starts fucking me. I would love to try so many sex positions, a lot of them involve wearing a mini skirt. I would love for the ending to be a huge creampie or a facial or directly in my mouth.”

“I’d like to spend some days as my girlfriend’s housewife. Doing everything for her and getting slammed when she comes home.”

“3 some/orgy with other verse dressies or any other fem presenting pp. 1on1 or plus furry sex.”

“My #1 fantasy is to go out with a female wingman. She picks up a guy and then coaches me to give him a blowjob.”

“I would love to get DPd by two guys.”

“I would love to be pegged by a latex dominatrix.”

“To have safe anonymous sex by a train of guys lined up behind me doggy style. saddle up,m do the deed, move on and next comes in”

“Want to be passable and hit on by women and men”

“I love to wear heels and a black dress out, I’ve taken hormones for 3 years do black men think I’m a women”

“My most exciting fantasy is actual being be more feminine that I could live as women full time including my work life.”

“This includes being 5 inches shorter than I am. Since that will never happen I adjust.”

“My other fantasies are complete servitude as maid/sex slave where I am kept in 24/7 limited rights situation”

“I would love it if my Queen had me dress up as a latex sissy maid complete with 6 inch heels locked on my feet. Underneath she would make sure her property ( my clitty), was locked up in a very small steel cage. Of course the dress would also be locked on. Over the tight dress my body is laced into an extremely hourglass shaping corset. It’s a requirement when serving my Queen my waist may be in a corset that pulls me in by at least 4 inches. My Queen would also decide to gag me with a breathable penis gag. My Queen informed me I didn’t need to talk so she wanted her sissy maid silent. My arms and hands are encased in a tight opera length gloves that only allow minimal movement of my hands and fingers. Next she would have me wear a super sexy silicone female mask. This would complete my dream latex sissy maid outfit. I’m leaking just writing this”

“Probably my most vivid would be I am out at my favorite gay bar for their drag show and hoping I get lucky and meet someone new!”

“I’m fully dressed, shaved all over my body, wearing one of my favorite sexy looking mini dresses that really accentuates my cleavage and makes my breasts really stand out. I’m also wearing a pair of sexy g string panties overtop my tan stockings held up by a black lace garter belt and my very cute knee high black gogo boots. My accessories include a few cute feminine necklaces, my favorite pair of lady’s earrings, rings and bracelets and matching leather choker with a metal heart. And my makeup looks fantastic!”

“All sorts of fantasies, some being dark natured and including playing the role of a spy dressed as an attractive woman , where I behave badly, am overpowered and taught a lesson in humility.”

A woman in black lingerie and fishnet stockings.

“Being made to submit to a dominant crossdresser and fulfil her sexual needs in every way she wants. I will be wearing lingerie, heels and a cock cage.”

“There seems to be a very common fantasy for submissive TVs everywhere, and that’s to be a submissive maid to Dominant Men, Women, and other Tgirls. This is very true for myself. Over the many years of dressing and purging, I am never without a maids uniform as a part of my wardrobe.”

“Being a single TV, with no Dom to actually serve, I often dress in my maids uniform when I need to do chores around the house. It actually makes doing cleaning chores fun being dressed in uniform, frilly petticoat, sexy lingerie and heels”

“I’m a married to a man and I seve him as his submissive wife”

“Getting all dolled up and getting spit roasted. Wearing my sexy lingerie and heels with my makeup all pretty and having two hot jacked guys fucking me. One from behind and the other with his cock in my mouth as I moan and gag like a naughty little slut.”

“Being seduced by a woman to dress like a slut and please her orally in all intermate zones”

“I want to pimped out as a crossdresser. Let several guys come over and have their way with me.”

“To be caught and then locked in chastity and ‘forced’ to become a beautiful woman.”

“To be put into a glory hole fuck wall”

“I would want to be all dolled up from makeup, pink lingerie with stocking and garters and high heels. And I would want to have a threesome where I’m being taken in both holes. Whether with two trans women or a woman with a strap on.”

“It is on my bucket list to be spit-roasted and gang-banged, all bareback”

“Taking hormones and having breasts.”

“I am a soft, weak teenage girl working in an office. I am ‘educated’ by a butch girl who presents as quite feminine.”

“When I first got fake wearable breast, I put on really sexy black bra and thongs together with stockings, beautiful black short dress and high heels. It felt so amazing and freeing.”

“My fantasy is to enjoy intimacy with a trans woman.”

“My wife gets drunk and “accidentally” outs me as a sissy fag to her sister and niece and our daughter. they laugh at me and mock me for being a small penised sissy and make me dress up and pose for pictures. our daughter and niece take the pictures and post them online and make me profiles on gay dating apps and arrange my a date while they are all together laughing at me. my date arrives with a friend and they make me kiss them and pose with them for more pictures before i leave for my date where i am sexually and emotionally dominated by the men before they introduce me to more men and all come back home with me to use me very obviously in the guest room with the women downstairs with their boyfriends laughing.”

“Obviously based on my previous answers having sex with a male who sees me as female is pretty high up there as far as fantasy goes, simply because right now I can’t imagine myself ever being that level of convincing, sexy female for that to happen.”

“To follow up with my answer to the previous question, I think a truly exciting fantasy for me would be a bombshell hot female to the point I could actually muster courage to “”flash”” or expose myself in public. To believe I was hot and sexy, beautiful enough to do such a thing and actually facing one of my biggest fears.”

“I’m sure I could come up with tons of other vivid fantasies, those are just 2 that quickly come to mind based on your previous questions.”

“To be at an orgy with trans women and a couple of hunky guys.”

“To be feminized by my wife and be her wife.”

“To live with trans girl as a lesbians.”

“Crossdressing with a woman who finds it fun to pretend we are both lesbians or just likes the idea of sex with a man in women’s clothes. Going out dressed up convincingly then home for sex. Most books then assume you want to get picked up by a man and I don’t. My favourite books include the one where a man goes to a cabin in the woods to just dress up then meets a pretty girl who turns out to be someone else doing the same. I also like gender swap (by magic or medicine etc) who meet a lesbian. I also read a fun one recently about a boy who dressed up to help a girls sports team and decided he liked it and the girls encouraged him to embrace that side and go partying with them dressed up etc and he ended up in a relationship with one of the girls.”

“The quintessential fantasy would be to have a woman to whom I had a strong sexual attraction, seduce – entrap – dominate – force feminize me. Her scenario would include depilatory waxing, a mani/pedi with dramatic toe nail polish, use a strong cologne, very high end lingerie (panties, chamisole, thigh highs) under male street attire. She would then take me to dinner with at least two of her close girlfriends.”

“I would love to go out fully dressed, make up wig ect with my wife for dinner and drinks and maybe cinema or something.”

“I’d love to have a threesome with my wife and our best friend with me fully dressed.”

“Mostly I’d love it to be as normal now for a man to dress in a skirt, tights and heels as it is for a woman to wear t-shirt jeans and trainers.”

“I have lots of fantasies involving evil aunties, over-dresseded Villainesses that are bent on world domination, and Homewreckers that eventually feminize their conquests. I used to fantasize about dressing as my feminine persona and dominating my ex-wife, because she found my sexual proclivities revolting. Witchcraft also lives in my fantasies. My wardrobe is glamorous, full of satin, latex, leather, chiffon, gloves, veiled hats, pinup lingerie, tight skirtsuits, gowns, catsuits, girdles, corsets, skyscraper stilletos, big gaudy jewelry, heavy makeup and perfume, furs, stockins, etc…”

“I wanna be used up by my aunt like a street hoe where in she auctions me to her friends.”

“While I’m on the tea table on all my fours in full sissy body. Wearing only high heels , a collar that says sissy slut a cage n a but plug which is connected to the collar and a leash.”

“I want them to use me up for the wildest of their kinks in public”

“My biggest fantasy is being tied up and wearing stockings, and being being generated anally. Even better if I’m being double-teamed. I’d love to give someone a blowjob while someone else is fucking my ass.”

“Being kidnapped and forced feminized and made to slave as sex article”

“Being kidnapped and force feminized into sex work or as servant to a powerful woman”

“Standing in the supermarket when suddenly 2 ladies approach. While I’m looking on the shelf and talking to one of them the other lady , who is behind me , puts her hands up my mini skirt and pulls my knickers right down to the floor. I quickly step out of them to avoid attention. I then do the rest of my shopping knickerless with the ladies occasionally lifting my skirt and taking photos on their phones”

“Living it a lot of my fantasies have been realised!”

“I would want to be dressed to pass and go shopping with another woman. We would have a meal together and drink a little. Later we wold go to bed together where we would pleasure each other until we both came.”

“I would be dressed as a Dominatrix (which I do anyway) and take a man and turn him into a woman with makeup and clothing. They would worship me as I punish them with a crop or whip. I would then peg them with a dildo.”

“To be fully dressed, go out in public. Meet a man have sex bareback”

“My affection for nylon feet, boots, everything shiny is very pronounced.”

“I love to kiss, lick and sniff everything about women.”

“My most vivid fantasy would be to be younger maybe mid 20 not a car in the world. Work for a female that was very dominant who noticed that I was transgender, who invited me to her home for a gathering, but when I get there I am the only one there. She open the door to get house and says that’s she is aware of my secret and if I walk into her house I would have to take off all my clothes and slip into the silk robe hanging in the 1/2 bath, and report to the master bedroom where I would be feminized from head to toe. Leaving my name life behind. I would become her administrative assistant. She would help me with therapy and all the necessary steps to live my life as the woman I have drempt of since I was 6 years old.”

“I want a man to pull my panties aside and fuck the remaining masculinity out of me. Then send me home with his cum running out of my pussy and into my panties.”

“Office! Either secretary or boss lady.”

“Flight attendant in hotel room with Captain”

“Nurse in hospital at night.”

“Luckily I’ve been with women and men cross dressed already. I do like it when with multiple partners they make me the center of attention and not be with each other. I’m the queen and they worship me, but I’ll let them do it any way they want.”

“I would love to be feminized by my wife or another women or a man. Helped to be the women I feel inside. Then be used how ever they want, with them or someone else.”

“I would like to be kidnapped by a sexy young goth woman and made into her completely feminized goth sex slave with permanent heavy makeup, black acrylic nails, piercings, tattoos, forced into wearing black high heels, a tight black catsuit and a corset. There would be a few other goth girls dressed the same and I would be ordered to satisfy them sexually and they would peg me and make me suck their dildos everyday. We would do roleplay (especially petplay with me as a kitten), play bondage with tapes and vacbed.”

“Being taken on a date by a man, then seduced.”

“Our sexual lives IS living out our fantasies. We talk to each other about our fantasies often and do our best to fulfill those dreams.”

“When I fantasize, I’m usually dressed as a woman because it’s tied directly to my Wife’s enjoyment. It makes Her happy and gets Her excited, which gets me excited.”

“I would love to have a partner feminize me and share me with their friends. I am a top, so I would love to have a harem of sexy bottoms who think I am a sex god(dess).”

“I enjoy wearing a tight skirt and catching people looking at my bulge.”

“I had a really naughty fantasy once, to go out at night, pretend to be a hooker and see, how many guys would want to pick me up for some fun. My other one is to be a sissy maid to my mother, who would sorta be my Mistress, while I’m dressed as the maid. But I would really be happy if she even would finally meet her secret daughter, Anne Gabrielle in person.”

“I would like for my spouse to lay out an outfit with a note to get dressed. She would then do my make-up and treat me like a woman”

“Dressing privately and being discovered by two attractive men who secretly show me they are shaved and dress as well, we end up having fun together”

“Have a makeover party with my wife and female friends”

“Safe sex aside, as crossdressed Ophelia I’d love to be fucked and filled with cum by a variety of well hung guys whilst orally pleasuring both men and women. Maybe tied up as well. Then finish off with penetrative sex with a woman.”

“I want to be gang raped by a number of trans.”

“Cuckolding by my wife with another man or two, being made to clean up after them sucking everyone clean”

“Caught being fucked “

“Sucking my wifes stockinged toes and breasts and holding her while she is fucked”

“Being taken by a random man in public”

“I’m the maid at a party”

“Being dominated and slowly being told to put more girly/feminine clothes and then being choked while they ride me until I orgasm inside them”

“To meet a man who I love and he want me to become a woman so I do and because I love him I don’t care about what anyone else thinks”

In the next post...

In the final post I will share my thoughts about the overall results and impact of this survey. I want to thank every gorgeous and BRAVE gurl who shared herself. I honour you and a feel such gurlie sisterhood with you all.

Thank you!

Jenny X

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