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Part 1: Hello and nice to meet you… The Results Of The 2024 Crossdressing All Gurl Survey

Let's begin with the foundations

261 crossdressers from 31 countries, took my survey over the last week, sharing who they are, sometimes their wildest fantasies, even their most outrageous stories. There was also some frustration and sadness in some answers too. All of these emotions I relate to. The survey is now closed though I plan a second survey at some point. 

Thank you, you gorgeous gurls for all your honest and heartfelt answers! I love you all!

Where On Earth?

It's not really that important, but for completeness, over half of respondents were from the USA, with my home country of the UK at just over 18%.

No Data Found

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Over a series of posts I am going to share these insights, results and trends, starting with the raw data and first impressions, then a deeper dive into data analysis as well as some of the personal comments left.

Nearly 100% of respondents were born male, with a couple who declined to answer, and one intersex person. 

As with all surveys, we need to bear in mind some caveats…
The survey invite went out only to my email list, on my Instagram, and also on two groups on FetLife. This is of course a pre selection of sorts.

While the biggest group appears to be a combination of GenX’ers and Boomers, this may also be because they favoured these platforms, or they favoured the idea of a survey. 

On reflection, the name ‘Crossdresser Survey’, as opposed to say ‘Trangender Survey’ likley attracted an older group too. The language itself speaks to an older demographic. So the data may well be skewed toward older girls.

Finally, the questions themselves. I am no professional data analyst, so I may have phrased them in a leading way, or not always offered the best choices.

I am sure there are plenty of other caveats, but let’s dive into bed together, and pull down our collective panties and take a peek!

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Age Groups

What age group do you feel most accurately reflects who you are? For transparency, I am a GenX'er

No Data Found

A bar chart showing age groups.

What can we make of this? Well my caveats above I think apply, so maybe the data is skewed with GenX’ers and Boomers preferring the platforms this survey was shared on. Even the idea of doing a survey may appeal more to these groups. 

I also think that younger people, Gen Alpha, Gen Z and to some degree Millenials, may well favour identifying more as Trans than Cross Dressers. So the title of the survey itself may have put off younger people.


Have you changed the way in which you generally identify your gender now?

No Data Found

A bar chart with the words identity how did you change the way you generally identify your gender now.

Just over half of the people who took the survey was born male and they still identify as male. This may be a generational thing, the GenX’ers and above leaning more to ‘crossdressing’, the younger folk leaning toward ‘trans’. And of course the entire survey attracted crossdressing identifying folk, more than trans identifying simply because of the title.


Broadly speaking, putting aside crossdressing, would you consider your sexual preference as attracted to...

No Data Found

A bar chart showing the percentage of sexual attraction.

We do like our femme energy, in all it’s delicious flavours!

Comments and Analysis

So many shared their feelings in this first section. There is a summary below and also a selection of the comments, anonymised for privacy.


  1. Early Realization and Exploration of Gender Identity:

    • Many individuals realized their affinity for crossdressing or their transgender identity from a very young age, often through experimenting with clothing in the family home.
    • Example: “I started to feel that I was different when I was about 4-5.”

  2. Sexual Discovery and Exploration:

    • Crossdressing was often associated with sexual exploration and excitement, developing into a fetish or kink.
    • Example: “Not sure where my kink for cross dressing came from but it started around I was 11 / 12 years old.”

  3. Struggle with Gender Dysphoria:

    • Several comments reflected long-term struggles with gender dysphoria, often leading to a lifetime of feeling trapped or concealed.
    • Example: “I suffered from Gender dysphoria for over 70 years.”

  4. Relationship Dynamics:

    • The impact of crossdressing on relationships varied greatly, from acceptance and participation by partners to significant relationship strains.
    • Example: “She helps me dress up and do my makeup for special occasions.”

  5. Self-Expression and Freedom:

    • Many individuals expressed a sense of freedom, comfort, and self-fulfillment when engaging in crossdressing.
    • Example: “Dressing enfemme made me feel free.”

  6. Exploration of Sexual Orientation:

    • Crossdressing sometimes led to a reevaluation or exploration of sexual orientation.
    • Example: “I have always been straight but once I started cross-dressing in my late 20’s I started to have bi-sexual feelings.”

  7. The Role of Clothing and Aesthetics:

    • The sensory experience and aesthetic appeal of feminine clothing were significant factors in the attraction to crossdressing.
    • Example: “Love feel of make up and the smell. Love the prettiness of female clothing.”

  8. Seeking Acceptance and Community:

    • Many sought acceptance, understanding, and a sense of community, often facing societal and personal challenges.
    • Example: “I like to go driving, shopping, and to my therapist while as Danielle.”
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Comments left (used for analysis)

“Dressing enfemme made me feel free.”

“Not sure where my kink for cross dressing came from but it started around I was 11 / 12 years old. I vividly remember a photography magazine my brother had and there were images of women wearing tight latex skirts which made quite the impression on me. I was also into heavy rock and loved the girls on rock night wearing heavy make up and high heeled boots. Fast forward a few years and getting the internet opened up a world of cross dressing sites and one in particular caught my attention was Mrs Silk and her sissy maids. Just wanted then to be forced feminised and dominated by a strong wonan”

“I started to feel that I was different when I was about 4-5. Took me to figure out that I was (transgender) female inside. I started trying on my mother’s clothes to find that I felt comfortable in them. At first I was using them for self gratification, but then I seen them as a necessity to who I was. Growing up I had and obsession with woman’s bodies and what it would be like to finally be a woman. And I used to dream about what it would be like to wear all the clothes out in public when I had a female body. I’ve basically been in the closet all my life but been sort of caught a few times. I came out to my partner lately and it didn’t go well. She doesn’t agree with what I am or what I do and won’t support me and is constantly trying to top me from being who I am. I have kids they are grown up now and it’s a mixed bag there to towards what I am. I am entering my later years of life and feel like my chance to be Janice is slipping though my fingers.”

“I was raised to believe that only heterosexuality was good and right, so I didn’t want to suck that first cock. I was only nine years old. A bigger boy in the neighborhood caught me alone in the woods and threatened to hurt me if I didn’t give him a blow job. Like I said, I didn’t want to, but I didn’t want to get hurt either. So, I sucked his dick and was surprised to find that I enjoyed it. I had to hide that truth nearly all of my life.”

“I wanted to be those girls. I wanted to go to a party dressed in a little girl party dress, play games, jump rope and be a little girl. I suffered from Gender dysphoria for over 70 years. That little girl or 50″s housewife is still locked inside me.”

“I started sneaking my sisters and mom’s clothes when I was a boy – I loved the lace and satin and how it made me feel. As I grew up, I was able to purchase my own things and eventually share that with my now wife. I do not fully dress everyday, but only own panties and bras now. She helps me dress up and do my makeup for special occasions.”

“when I was young I when I started my sexual journey I did put on my mums stokings and sexy gear… It was super exciting.”

“I’Ve always enjoyed feminine clothes but have wanted to take it further in the last few years. On occasion I’ll paint my nails to go out and have exercised in female gym clothes privately.”

“First time I wore panties and pantyhose it excited me”

“I first started crossdressing, when I saw movie stars doing it, and I was stimulated in a very different than usual manner.”

“my first experience was with a man but felt like I had to be with a woman. got married but always new I was a sissy. I would sneak and wear women clothes when I can. got divorced and remarried a woman. she was different one of the first movies we watch was about transsexuals and she knew I was trans. about a year ago I stopped hiding myself and I am starting to come out and loving it.”

“It was quite a journey I have had. A lot of research of who I was and who I wanted to be. But I am happy now as a Post Op Transgender woman. Now a Mistress and into forced feminization but on a kind way.”

“I started with lesbian porn, which developed to sissy”

“Started dressing for BDSM experiences”

“I always knew i was different. Really didn’t fit in easily.”

“My first experience with dressing was simple with my moms pantyhose. I was early teens and found a pair. Oh my god how they felt so soft i just had yo try them on and see why i always see girls wearing them and why they look amazing in them. I was hooked ever since. They made me feel sexy and like i was getting a warm hug from a pair of clothes. That was the start of a long fun, scary, exciting journey.”

“I love crossdressing because hot looking girls always get more attention than men and I love attention and I am an exhibitionist. I never could get the girl that I wanted so. I decided to become her.”

“I love the feeling of silky fabric cradling my cock and balls. I love the way a thong rubs against my asshole. The constriction is so sexy to me, hugging my erection tight against my body and restraining my throbbing hard on turns me on. Feeling like a pretty slut all day makes my cock drip into my panties and makes me even more turned on.”

“I first started cross dressing as a teenager, with my sisters girdle and tights . I was unsure why I did it but I knew I enjoyed it . I was court ones by a family friend and punished severely. I repressed my feelings for many years but in 2010 started to cross dress 👗 again which was ok until my wife found out in 2015 and that opened up a hole new can off worms , and they were not friendly understanding worms.”

“Since very young I was fascinated by nylons and hosiery. Always found it so nice to see my cousins wearing tights and then started to try on my moms and ever since been fascinated by the look and feel and this then graduated to full feminine wardrobe.”

“I think i started dressing when my wife who suffers from depression stopped wanting to be intimate. So she wouldn’t dress sexy, so I started to in secret. Then one weekend she went out of town, and I got up the nerve to go to Ulta and ask one of their employees if she could do a m2f makeover discreetly. She scheduled mecfor the last appointment Friday night. I immediately went to Walmart and bought a dress, some ribbon that I used as a belt, and a clutch wallet. Then went to a wig store and wondered around lost. When an employee asked to help me, I asked which wig would look good on me. She pointed out a couple and I bought one. Then Friday I went back to Ulta with my girl clothes in a bad. The girl had me sit down in a chair and proceeded to do my makeup. Then told me I could go in the bathroom and change. When I came out she had a co-worker style my wig. That was the 1st of 3 times I have ever gone out dressed.”

“I have been a CD since I can remember. I have 2 older sisters and there were always girls clothes around to try on when no one was home. With the help of therapy I discovered that because I knew to hide it, there must have been someone who told me that it wasn’t okay. I had my first orgasm as a teen while dressed. I went in the Army and had to put it away for a while. I confided to my first girlfriend and she did not approve. Then I suffered through 22 years of marriage with someone who also did not approve, but never knew. It has only been in the last 2 years that I have accepted myself without shame. I like to go driving, shopping, and to my therapist while as Danielle. I may even be trans, because I am most happy as Danielle. I have many outfits and would love to find a woman who accepts it for me, or at least a place where I can hang with others like myself without judgement.”

“I have always been straight but once I started cross-dressing in my late 20’s I started to have bi-sexual feelings. I am only attracted to females as in wanting to have a relationship, but I have many sexual fantasies with men (dressed as the women).”

“My female friends in primary school invited me to sleepovers and did my makeup, hair and dressed me up like a ken doll. those times had a profound impact on my perspective with crossdressing”

A girl in a red dress.


“I started around 12 by trying on mom’s pantyhose. Loved it! Slowly escalated until fully dressing around 20. I am a married hetero male.”

“It happened when I was around 10 and I tried my mom’S heels and pantyhose on for the first time. The feeling of nylon clad legs rubbing together and being perched on a cute pair of open toe heels was electric to me”

“I would actually consider my sexuality to be gynesexual. I am sexually attracted towards feminine presenting people like cis women, trans women or other attractive passable crossdressers. I did consider myself straight for the longest time but it has definitely changed over the past couple of years or more especially since I ‘ve been exploring crossdressing a lot more!”

“To begin with crossdressing was a sexual fetish, I only dressed for sex and bdsm play. Since my last purge in 2018 I started dressing again in 2021, and now its become more a part of who I am, as opposed to just a thrill. I live alone, so can dress when I want, and I love dressing girly, enjoying a quiet drink at home. It just feels natural now, and not just a sexual thing”

“My first experience of wearing feminine clothes was tights which by the time I had them on and pulled up snug, I was so aroused, I knew I’d go on to wear more feminine garments.”

“I first tried a pair of my sisters panties and loved how they felt. I loved feeling sexy a girly and I began to dress up entirely and never stopped.”

“I first started crossdressing as a child, in the early 1970s. My friend’s sister would put her dresses on me. I loved them. When the dressing-up box came out, I always went for the tutu or the nurse outfit. It just felt right.”

“I have always been attracted to women but ever since I met one that likes to peg me my horizons broadened. I became curious of what the other side was like. My first time was with a couple of gay men whose fantasy was to be with a straight guy. Recently, I have helped a couple of men expand their horizons but becoming a crossdresser for them. I just love getting all dressed up, being the center of attention, and being their little slut. I turn into a different person when I do it.”

“I was dressed up by my sisters growing up. I used to let me younger sister dress me in my older sisters thongs I was around 12 when it started and since then I can’t stop wanting to feel pretty.”

“I find it erotic to imagine myself as female. Were it not for my old age, I’d consider getting surgery to become female, though I’m still very much attracted to women.”

“The first time I went to and climaxed watching trans porn I knew that something had really changed inside me. Previously I have only ever been attracted to hetero women.”

“I fell in love with sexy bad girls at a young age. Catwoman, Alexis Colby, Madame Selena (Supergirl Movie), Dominique Devereaux, Baroness von Gunther, etc… These characters were sexy, ultra-feminine, wore the best clothes, and had the most fun. It made me so jealous. I also fell in love with my mother’s Norman Marcus catalogs about the same time I found my father’s collection of playboys and penthouses. I will never forget having my first erotic experience while watching Faye Dunaway play Madame Selena in the movie Supergirl. My whitey-tighties never ached harder, though I had no idea why at the time. Later, I enjoyed my first happy ending while dry humping a pillow and staring a 1988 Nieman’s catalog. Before long I was trying on my mother’s fur coat and wigs and gloves and scarves and….”

“When I was only about 4 I remember being attracted to my mothers underwear and stockings. They excited me and I used to wish I was a girl.”

“The first time I wear pantyhose from my older cousin I was hooked.”

“Love feel of make up and the smell. Love the prettiness of female clothing.”

“My first experience was with the underwear of my mom and my older sisters. It made me feel great and feminine.”

“At five years old, I saw some black thigh high boots at a neighbors house and wanted to wear them so bad. At ten years old, I saw a pair of black and white Maryjane ‘s in a store window and I said I wanted those, my friend said they were for girls. At twelve I loved staring at the Sliver Slipper high heel casino marque in Vegas, it looked so pretty all lit up.

Amazing to wear panties”

“I have always felt attracted to feminine things, and want to feel feminine. But I love both men and women, but love when I am treated like a girl.”

“My Wife makes me cross dress as part of our FLR and chastity arrangement. I had never been inclined to do it, but when She tells me to (which is every day now) it’s super hot. I’m very strongly attracted to women, my Wife specifically, and have never had the desire to be or live as a woman. She loves to see me in sexy women’s clothes, and I love wearing them for Her.”

“Honestly I liked dressing in pretty clothes ever since I was young. Now that I’m in my 30s I identify as nonbinary, though I present male most of the time. I often prefer wearing ladies underwear, I like the way a thong cradles my cock.”

“On special occasions I like to put on makeup and a skirt”

“When I was young I noticed my older sister starting to have panties that were super cute and sexy. They really peaked my interest. So one day I tried some on and was hooked from then. I slowly started to wear more and more of her clothes when home along. Growing up my whole life anytime I got the chance to look through and cute girls panty drawer I was in it. I ‘d almost always take a couple pair with me also to wear afterwards. Now I ‘m grown and have well over 100 pair of cute and sexy panties and lingerie. And probably own more cute girl clothes than I do guys.”

“Started dressing because I split up with my girlfriend and I’d bought her some lovely clothes. I couldn’t bear to take them back so I wore them and it was lovely”

“I first wore panties and pantyhose and it really excited me and then I tried on my sisters clothes and liked it”

“Feels comfortable when I dress up. Like being sexy and feminine. My first experience was my sister’s stockings and skirts. Loved the feeling of twirling and feeling pretty.”

“After my divorce 5 years ago, I started dressing and became quietly obsessed. Fiona manifested. As she/me became more comfortable usually every evening, I soon discovered how intent I became with this new lifestyle. The loneliness soon subsided and as I looked into the mirror, I began to see her as her own being. Then the sexual energy that emerged became very powerful.”

“I’m not sure what drove me but I first tried on my mother ‘s tights aged about 5. I then tried more underwear and that started it all. Although primarily heterosexual I tried gay sex at boarding school and enjoyed it – I realised that one of my fantasies was to have gay sex whilst crossdressed. Aside from one makeover in my 30s I just dabbled in crossdressing for sexual pleasure until my wife found a photo of me in a basque 5 years ago. After a big confession she fully accepted it and encouraged me to embrace crossdressing and Ophelia was born. I ‘ve since had several makeovers and ventured to Trans clubs where my wife accepts Ophelia ‘s desires are explored safely. I ‘m 54 now and want to continue to celebrate my crossdressing and with my wife I’ve written an article for Transliving magazine and want to support those in the community in need. (The abridged version!)”

“The first time I wore women’s thong I was s bit nervous, yet when I felt the fabric against my skin and how it held itself between my ass cheecks and how constrained yet gently on my front part I totally became excited and enjoyed wearing the panties! I do not remember my first time wearing pantyhose yet whether it be pantyhose, tights,fishnet or even latex pantyhose I always love wearing them and am always envious that my legs don’t look good as women legs in pictures.”

“From what I can remember I have always wished to be a girl and used to dress up with my sister”

In the next post...

We will take a look at our genesis. How did we discover our true femme self? What happened? How did it feel? What did we wear? Oh la lah!  

Please do feel free to leave your own comments about these stats below and I will be sure to answer you.


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