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Crossdresser Survey Results… Wonderful, heartbreaking illuminating and naughty!

Survey quick links


You may recall that last month I ran a survey for gurls like us. It was pretty in-depth with lots of comments too. Over 250 gurls, form over 30 countries, shared their secrets, thoughts, fantasies and challenges with us, and the results are now live on my site.

There’s seven pages of analysis, and one conclusion page for you to devour.

I would dearly love to include YOUR thoughts too, so please do leave comments at the bottom of each page if you feel you have something to contribute? I will be monitoring and responding and integrating into the conclusion page.

Thank you to all the brave, amazing and a little bit naughty gurlies who shared themselves so deeply. I honour your courage! I worship you six inch heels!

OK, get the coffee brewing, and let’s deep dive into our sensual and erotic inner femme. Here’s the link…


Jenny Raven X
Author and Naughty Minx

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