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Part 4: The Allure… The Results Of The 2024 Crossdressing All Gurl Survey

Heels, stockings, panties, bra, dress... Why does it feel so good?

What is it about our gurl clothes that seduces us so deliriously? What does it feel so, right, good, sexy, relaxing and wonderful?

Why do you think you crossdress?

Please choose the most dominant reason.

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Why do you think you crossdress?.

This was a difficult question as there could be many reasons of course. When we do the deep dive into the analysis, I am sure we will discover more about ‘other’ reasons to crossdress. Exciting! For now though, sexual excitement and being feminine account for over half of the respondents. One common theme in the comments is around relaxation too, it just feels good and calming.

Out and About

Do you crossdress in public?

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A bar chart with the words out and about do you create in poland.

Over 75% also added that they wish they could crossdress in public more often. There is a yearning here, and a cultural restriction I suspect.

Yearning or not

Do you wish you could crossdress in public more often?

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A bar chart with the words yelling not do you think you could yell in public more often?.

Over 75% of us wish we could go out more when dressed. That makes me a bit sad, as I am in that 75% too.

Comments Analysis

  • Aesthetic Appreciation and Self-Expression: Many individuals are drawn to crossdressing due to the appeal of women’s clothing and the desire for self-expression. One person notes, “Women’s clothes look so much better than guys clothes. I think I look better as a girl than as a man.” This sentiment highlights the aesthetic appreciation of the clothing and the transformative impact it has on their self-perception.

  • Exploration of Gender and Sexuality: Crossdressing often serves as a medium for exploring gender identity and sexuality. Comments like “It feels right and women’s clothes are more fun!” suggest a sense of comfort and joy found in the experience, potentially tied to deeper aspects of gender identity and expression.

  • Relaxation and Stress Relief: For some, crossdressing offers relaxation and a break from their usual roles or identities. Statements such as “It is very relaxing for me” reflect the therapeutic aspect of this practice.

  • Sexual Arousal and Fantasy Fulfillment: A significant theme is the role of sexual arousal and fantasy. As one individual describes, “It also arouses me, puts me in the mood, and wanting to be treated as a woman in bed.” This highlights the intertwining of crossdressing with sexual desires and fantasies.

  • Empowerment and Confidence: Several comments indicate that crossdressing can be empowering and boost confidence. For instance, “I feel more comfortable when presenting myself as a woman, I love how I look, I feel more sexy and confident when I’m dressed up” speaks to the transformative power of crossdressing in enhancing self-esteem and confidence.

  • Coping with Gender Dysphoria: Some individuals find that crossdressing helps them cope with feelings of gender dysphoria. The comment “I also believe that I might be suffering from gender dysphoria…” suggests that crossdressing can be a way to align external appearance with internal gender identity.

  • Breaking Social Taboos and Norms: The thrill of breaking societal norms and taboos is another factor. Statements like “The taboo is also a big draw. It feels so wrong but amazing at the same time” reflect the excitement and allure of engaging in a behavior that defies conventional norms.

  • Role Switching and Exploration of Submissiveness: Crossdressing is sometimes used as a means to explore different roles or aspects of personality, such as submissiveness. This is evident in comments like “At home I am my girlfriend’s pampered sub…”

  • Desire for Attention and Validation: The desire for attention and validation, particularly in a feminine role, is a common theme. This is seen in comments like “It allows me the opportunity to be sought after, complimented and catered to by admirers…”

  • Sensory Pleasure and Comfort: The physical sensation and comfort of women’s clothing are also significant factors. As one person explains, “I find the fabrics in women’s clothing to be more sensual, soft, cozy, yet often tighter, restrictive.”

A woman in white lingerie is putting on a pair of panties.

Comments left by the gurls...

“Women’s clothes look so much better than guys clothes. I think I look better as a girl than as a man.”

“It feels right and women’s clothes are more fun !”

“It is very relaxing for me. I love the feelings it gives me. But it also arouses me, puts me in the mood, and wanting to be treated as a women in bed. If I could pass as a women I would love to go out and maybe even pick up guys, but I think I would feel more comfortable going to another city.”

“Getting in touch with my feminine energy, exploring my masculinity and femininity”

“On one hand km experimenting with very clearly fem outfits in private. On the other hand I’m wearing more androgynous clothes in public.”

“There is nothing like it in a man’s world. Everything feels different. The taboo is also a big draw. It feels so wrong but amazing at the same time”

“I love feel of the clothes and the mindset that comes with it. I started as a cd as a way to cope with my bisexual nature. Now it is more of role switch from my day worklife. I am in charge in a high stress management role. At home I am my girlfriends pampered sub, who’s only stress/worries is what to make for dinner.”

“I feel more comfortable when presenting myself as a woman, l love how I look, I feel more sexy and confident when I’m dressed up.”

“I also believe that I might be suffering from gender dysphoria due to the natural breasts I have from gaining and then losing weight over the years. They always made me feel uncomfortable when I was male presenting. But whenever I am dressed or presenting as female, they make me feel very sexy and feminine and I love how they look and feel in certain feminine clothing!”

“I have also had too many instances in the past of being misgendered either due to my voice or the fact that I have kept my hair long as well and especially now that I have lost quite a bit of weight I noticed that I am looking more and feminine now in my body shape and that is another reason why I really enjoy dressing in women’s clothing.”

“It is a huge technical challenge and when done properly, it allows me the opportunity to be sought after, complimented and catered to by admirers; something quite foreign to me in male mode. It also is exciting and exhilarating; essentially breaking the mundane cycle of daily existence.”

“I find the fabrics in women’s clothing to be more sensual, soft, cozy, yet often tighter, restrictive.”

“I think it brings out a softer side to my personality, also women have so many options in clothing, especially underwear, which I adore”

“It makes me incredibly aroused. When transformed, I wish I could be with a man to satisfy his needs as I acted the part of a girl with extra.”

“I never feel attracted to men at any other time, but I know I’d be happy to be used like a girl if I were fully transformed, and we were both clean and prepared.”

“Since I was young, I have always felt more like a girl than a boy. At age 4 I was playing with girls, pushing a baby stroller or playing with Barbie more than I was playing with boys. Crossdressing helps me express what I feel is my true gender identity”

“It arouses me and makes me feel submissive”

“I love to feel sexy and hook up with guys while I’m in my female persona.”

“I do love feeling feminine but I’m aroused sexually when I dress.”

“I enjoy the expression of my femininity. I really enjoy feeling a man’s attraction and desire for me.”

“I want to feel free to wear a skirt and makeup whenever I feel like it.”

“ove transforming into a different person. Love how a man looks at me when I’m all dressed up for him, on my knees with his cock in my mouth, and bent over for his use.”

“I like to feel slutty and attract the attention of guys”

“Feeling womanly and less manly.”

“Makes me feel amazing and come to life”

“I love to feel feminine!”

“for me i feel most naturally dressed in a submissive fashion where others are more inclined to feel they can dominate and humiliate me. Real women are fierce, real men are strong, but a sissy gurl can be dominated by both.”

“Again subtle expressions. Underneath and tops and bottoms that can transcend”

“It feels right, it makes me feel pretty and beautiful. (As long as I don’t actually look in a mirror.) I don’t understand exactly why natural born women have so many tools, toys, options to make themselves feel feminine and sexy beautiful and yet so few it seems especially this day don’t embrace it. I can understand some of the affects of peer pressure and things being “jammed” down your throat from birth such as expectations and how that can drive you away from a certain thing. But it feels like such a waste with so much at their disposal it makes me happy to see that at least one group of happy humans fully trying to embrace femininity. (Thank god for crossdressors!) 😀 Without a doubt I would rather be born an ugly female than an ugly male, there is so much more a female can do to feel beautiful than a male and the female form is the epitome of beauty.”

“I’m a feminine man. I enjoy cross dressing because it feels right.”

“It’s more than just sexual. I don’t know how to explain it.”

“No one yet has been able to give an answer to this question. I love it so much. I went to a professional makeover person and after that experience the genie was out of the bottle – forever.”

“Mostly it is for sexual excitement but sometimes when my wife is away overnight I just dress up to to watch TV. Not slutty and not frumpy, more’going out dressed sexy. I think I am jealous that women can dress sexy and have so much power over men.”

“I might consider a closed – sexual/sensual – event, with both sexes in attendance.”

“It is me. I smile more. I love how I look, minus my ridiculous acne pox.”

“It turns me on sexually. I love to feel really girly, i find it so horny.”

“Because I look good at times and because I am a trans Domme”

“The silky feel of the underwear”

“Besides relaxing me. It is sometimes a turn on as well”

“It’s the feeling of soft clothes”

“I would love to be confident enough to dress every day and go out into public every day. I would love to start hormones, electrolysis, facial feminization breast argumentation, sex reassignment I dream of having a vagina”

“I love the clothes, the materials, styles, and colors. I feel powerful wearing heals. I like being pretty. I also like being around women more than men.”

“It makes me feel happy and good about myself, I do enjoy the sexual aspects of it but it is more about feel feminine and happy.”

“I enjoy that it pleases Her. She’s’forced’ me to go out in public a couple times. She enjoys the excitement of it and that it scares me knowing people will see me dressed this way. Dressing this way, seeing Her pleasure in it, along with chastity and our FLR is very erotic for me.”

“Want to feel and experience the way a woman will feel when the wear the same clothes”

“It makes me look good, and when I look good I feel good. Also again, panties are so soft and feel great on my dick and balls.”

“If I could’ve, I would’ve marked both “”for relaxing”” and “”for sexual arousment”” though the latter not as much since I can do it whenever I want. I love how soft and comfy the clothes are, even some of the sexy lingerie feel nice, and restrictive. It does help me tok calm down even after a stressfull day. “

“I do go out from time to time, sometimes with a cd friend, sometimes by myself, usually in the night. Though I try to dress to blend in, I’m not sure how I would do in the daylight.”

“I dress because it’s really all above. Relax. Sexaul and be a woman”

“When dressing I always dress to the nines so I can go out”

“It makes me feel cute and sexy”

“I feel so sexy. I want everyone to see my beautiful outfits”

“I want to feel like a woman. Pretty, sexy, unique. And I do tend to feel aroused by it too.”

“I don’t desire to identify as or become a woman, but I do love getting in touch with my feminine me, dressing in feminine things makes me feel so much more sexy and confident then normal guy clothes and underwear. My girlfriend thinks it’s hot, and enjoys how confident, playful and passionate I am when wearing sexy girly things.”

“Being in touch with my feminine self has taught me tolerance, empathy and compassion. And besides all that, the sexual arousal is through the rough”

“Crossdressing provides in varying degrees an outlet for stress, an adrenaline rush for being still seen as taboo and a sexual thrill. Some part is probably down to pretending to be someone else and the combined effect is a feeling of liberation.”

“I like the feeling of the women’s clothing on my body and how I feel more comfortable and relaxed in the clothing and just how much it gets me aroused.”

“Sometimes I wish I lived alone so I can wear the clothing more while fantasizing about the idea of a stranger coming into my place and catching me crossdressing and the eventual sex from it.”

“I need to feel like a woman and would love to be able to be a woman openly without issues”

“I’ve always felt I was the wrong gender, I love getting to be the real me.”

“I grew up with sisters and learned from them, how one’s looks, will attract the attention you want. So when I dress up, it allows me to feel sexy, an emotion I don’t think most men are able to feel under normal circumstances.”

A woman's legs in black high heeled shoes on a grey background.

“The main reason is it feels right… this is me. I love the look, feel, colors, styles, and endless variety of choices women have. It relaxes me.”

“I love how different I look and feel. There is the element of risk in being found out but I’m usually careful”

“It gives me a different perspective on everything”

“To feel like the woman I am inside.”

At first, it was sexually arousing. But, eventually it became comforting and relaxing; like a coping mechanism. I guess you could say, it makes me happy.”

“I was in public once but it didn’t go well so I didn’t do it again and the local people where I live aren’t open minded like me”

“The main feeling is of comfort but mixed with arousal. It really depends on what I am wearing, but I just feel like all of me when I am dressed.”

“I feel like my authentic self when I’m dressed.”

“It’s both relaxing and arousing. Love the feeling of giving in to my feelings”

“I love the fact that it makes me feel sexy”

“It is different, It changes my way of exploring sex”

“At first I was terrified to go out in heels and a bodycon dress. And almost each subsequent weekend something more feminizing was added. Eyelashes, acrylics, earrings, nose ring, naval piercing, salon trips. At first I thought they were punishments, but then I realized that after I accepted whatever the next thing was, I was rewarded with amazing intimacy! Making out in the middle of a dance floor, or getting handsy in a dressing room, I think my fiancé (then girlfriend) got off on how submissive and feminine she could make me act in public, but I don’t care. I know I’m the lipstick lesbian in our relationship.”

“Women’s clothes are so much more fun than male clothes. I wish it was just normal to wear what you want! There used to be a sexual side to it but that faded as I accepted it as a place I wanted to be and not just a naughty thing.”

“I really get the same kick out of crossdressing as I do out of cosplay, it allows me to step out of my own (often overactive) head and be someone else for a few hours. The sexual gratification is more of a secondary effect, an effect of the character I’m stepping into more than the act itself”

“I like the vulnerability of being a woman in the world. It terrifies me, but when I experience it and everything goes fine, I find it very empowering. I also want to be pretty, to be seen as attractive and desirable, to be cute and wanted by men and women.”

“I love crossdressing because of the superior selection of cloth fabric such as silk, velvet and the breezy feeling in skirts and dresses. Also, I love to’get off’ as a woman and ot heightens the pleasure for me”

“I enjoyed crossdressing very much because I liked the way the clothes made me feel. In the beginning it was sexual. And when I got off I had to undress as quickly as possible. Still don’t know the reason why. Then I told to myself when woman get off they don’t undress because of it. So I kept dressed and it felt better and better. Now as a woman I enjoy being dressed very sexually for my man. And in other situations I enjoy being dressed as a Mistress and dress up young sissy’s as femine as possible. I don’t like it halfway.”

“It just feels good to be in a skirt and cute top”

“Makes me feel complete and more attractive as a person.”

“It’s sexual and relaxing for me and if go public, it’s exhilarating”

“I live in a very LGBTQ+ area and the community is great down here even though its a big tourist town.”

“If I was younger I might have looked more into embracing my femininity outwardly.”

“I love the feelings I get when I get dressed. I love feeling pretty. The excitement of pulling up a pair nylons up my hairless legs is divine. Putting on lipstick or perfume sliding on my heels makes me feel so feminine. Putting on the right pair of earrings is one of the must things I love most.”

“It just relaxes me and helps me get away from the masculine expectations of everyday like. Us as men have so many expectations of us that it can be stressful but were also not suppose to show weakness. Well crossdressing is not a weakness but when i become sarina i just let my male side go and sarina takes the wheel.”

“I don’t look feminine and would never pass as female. I do love the various styles of dress, nylons, heels and make up. My go to look is black heel boots, blue jeans, g string bodysuit ( to emulate a t shirt) and light make up for a smoky eye style. Hopefully gives me a styled look without deviating too far from my original gender.”

“s I said earlier, I enjoy the attention that sexy girls get. I am an exhibitionist that loves to show off.”

“I’m a slut and I like it when I look and feel like a slut.”

“I cd mostly out of curiosity during sex. I still be dominate ppl but both from a guy and gals prespective”

“I feel comfortable and it just feels right when I can dress feminine. I do so to a limited point every day but dressing to the nines is fantastic!”

“hard to describe – combination of the options above – it does relax me – it does arouse me – I do enjoy feeling and looking feminine…”

“I love the thought and look of presenting femme. It’s something hard to explain, other that it represents more of who I am and want to be. Which I guess is to be more female that what I am now.”

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