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Part 3: Frequency… The Results Of The 2024 Crossdressing All Gurl Survey

How often do we get dressed?

So gurls, how often do we indulge in our inner femme and get dressed in panties, bra, heels, stockings and a cute dress? The wardrobe awaits, let’s open up and explore what we find!

How Often Do Your Indulge?

How often do you crossdress?

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It seems we do adore our girlie side with a third of us dressing daily, and even more weekly. Ladies, we are rocking it!

Comments Analysis

  1. Frequency of Crossdressing:

    • “Panties daily to work then many days I am fully dressed after work too.”
    • “I crossdress to varying degrees everyday.”
    • “I wear panties everyday and save my dresses, stockings, makeup, and heels for special occasions.”
    • “Since the pandemic started I’ve been dressing more often. Now I dress almost every day.”
    • “I dress at home all the time.”
    • “Whenever home alone.”
    • “Pretty much if I’m at home I’m usually wearing panties and leggings at the least.”
    • “Sometimes I will take off work just to crossdress all day.”

    Analysis: There is a range of crossdressing frequency, from daily to occasional dressing. Some individuals have increased their crossdressing frequency due to various factors, including the pandemic, while others dress whenever they have the opportunity, often when they are alone. Proving one size does not fit all. We are a spectrum gurls! And a fabulous one at that.

  2. Motivations and Feelings:

    • “I love the way it makes me feel to wear something pretty.”
    • “I’ll feel free and horny.”
    • “It really depends on my schedule since I like to take my time and do it right with shapewear, makeup, and various outfits, that takes time.”
    • “I feel AMAZING, I feel like a woman.”
    • “I just feel like myself when I crossdress.”
    • “Feels true.”

    Analysis: These comments highlight the emotional and psychological motivations for crossdressing. Many individuals express that crossdressing makes them feel confident, liberated, and true to themselves. It’s often associated with positive emotions and self-expression. This chimes in with my personal experience. I feel more confident, playful and relaxed in heels.

  3. Relationship and Family Dynamics:

    • “The only reason I’m not full-time is due to my partner.”
    • “I live on my own and will always crossdress several times a week.”
    • “My wife knows and semi-supports me.”
    • “My wife is aware and enjoys my alter ego.”
    • “I’m married and have a family, so it’s difficult.”
    • “I’m an opportunist crossdresser – we have a 9-year-old daughter.”

    : These comments reveal the impact of partners and family on crossdressing. Some individuals have partners who are aware and supportive, while others face challenges due to family dynamics or the need for secrecy. I am sure we older trannies, sorry if that word offends, but I adore being called a tranny, appear to be more under the oppresive thumb of culture, where as younger generations are more liberated. Go girls!

  4. Transition and Identity:

    • “I have transitioned.”
    • “I’m transitioning so it’s more than just crossdressing. It’s transforming…”
    • “I want to start living as a woman full time.”
    • “I have restarted my journey… with less shame and embarrassment I faced in the past.”
    • “I’m still unsure how I would be treated at my job.”

    Some individuals in these comments are in various stages of transitioning and exploring their gender identity. They discuss the challenges and uncertainties associated with this process, both personally and professionally. It remains clear though, the majority of us are not permanently transitioning, happy in the male sex and when we want to, transitioning in the moment to our femme alter ego. Though I do personally wish I could wear stockings and heels to work!

  5. Privacy and Secrecy:

    • “I currently have roommates, some of whom don’t know about this side of me.”
    • “I’m married and closeted, so I don’t get to dress very often.”
    • “I’m a secret closet crossdresser.”
    • “Sadly, it’s been a few years.”
    • “I just can’t see myself crossing over permanently.”

    These comments indicate the need for privacy and secrecy in crossdressing, often due to concerns about how others, including roommates, partners, or family members, might react. Again, I think an indicator of the older generations taking this survey. Let;s admit it though, we are expert at hiding our girl clothes!

  6. Future Aspirations:

    • “Would love to cross dress more often but I am still closeted and my partner has no ideas that I do this.”
    • “I entertain a lot as Monica so depending on the frequency sometimes I may dress daily.”
    • “I would love to cross dress more often.”

    Some individuals express their desire to crossdress more frequently in the future, indicating that they may be exploring ways to incorporate it into their lives more openly. Don’t we all wish we could be her more openly and more often? I sure do.

  7. Erotic and Sensual Aspects:

    • “I dress at home all the time.”
    • “I dress up for pics… I’m not complaining.”
    • “Erotic, dirty, and slutty.”

    : A few comments mention the erotic or sensual aspects of crossdressing, indicating that it can be a source of sexual pleasure for some individuals. For me this is a biggie. If I could dress all the time I may never get anything done, I find it so sensually erotic. Just me!

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Comments left by the gurls...

“Panties daily to work then many days I am fully dressed after work too”

“I crossdress to varying degrees everyday. Usually it’s just panties, or panties and a bra. But, occasionally I put on a dress, or I will wear lingerie to bed. I love the way it makes me feel to wear something pretty.”

“At this point in my life, opportunities to dress are few and far between which is difficult because I think about it ALL THE TIME.”

“I used to dress every day but due to I’ll health, I haven’t dressed for five years but intend upon getting back to it in the new year.”

“I live on my own and will always crossdress several times a week. I feel more comfortable and relaxed in a dress or skirt. I love to go to dressing services and look really feminine.”

“I’ll feel free and horny”

“I only own panties and bras (no men’s underwear). I wear panties everyday and save my dresses, stockings, makeup, and heels for special occasions.
Since the pandemic started I’ve been dressing more often. Now I dress almost every day.”

“I love alone, when I can dress a little, but all dressed up only in the weekend”

“I would love to cross dress more often but I am still closeted and my partner has no ideas that I do this”

“Sadly not in a position to dress as often as I want to.”

“The only reason I’m not full-time is due to my partner.”

“It is fun and exciting, doing all the preparation, shaving, putting my fake boos on, my sexy slutty outfits, wearing long colored nails match my gear or my make up…”

“I don’t think it truly qualifies as crossdressing anymore. There’s not a shred of male clothing in my wardrobe and barely any pants/shorts even. Skirts, dresses, tights, lingerie, panties, bras, acrylics. The most masculine thing I own are yoga pants.”

“My wife knows and semi-supports me. She’s happy for me to do it but prefers me as a man so I end up doing it when she goes out. I’ll just sit and watch tv dressed or do stuff around the house. It makes me feel alive.”

“It really depends on my schedule since I like to take my time and do it right with shapewear, makeup and various outfits, that takes time. I try to find the time at least two or three times a month”

“I present male outwardly but always wear panties. If I can I wear women’s clothes at home. I am trying to dress more gender ambiguous in the world, which I did in high school quite a bit (new wave and punk helped with that), but I’m trying to reconcile my desire to present femme with a desire to be a woman or present as female in the world. Since I started this journey sexualized, I have to think about just the fashion of presenting in public as a woman, if I choose to do that. Maybe I won’t? I’m exploring it now.”

“I have gone to fetish events dressed and loved it.”

“I do it every day and love it. I am finally me.”

“I don’t crossdress anymore. It is a way of living now. I have transitioned.”

“As often as possible.”

“When I can at home. Would like it to be acceptable outside in society”

“Definitely every weekend!”

“I entertain a lot as Monica so depending on the frequency sometimes I may dress daily”

“I currently have roommates some of whom don’t know about this side of me.”

“Ive always said that while I don’t wear a ball gown and heels to mow the lawn I also wont wear a greasy pair of overalls if your daughter invites me to her wedding
I’m married and closeted so I don’t get to dress vey often. I do wear panties under my boy clothes quite a bit, but I don’t consider it crossdressing unless I’m fully done up”

“I wear panties daily, but only wear heels and dresses when no one is around.
I enjoy presenting as a woman as I have matured my make up skills have gotten better. My clothing choices are better. I have done things like laser hair removal plus getting my ears pierced, I have also have had my nails done. Nicer wigs have added to my look”

“Don’t feel complete unless I am wearing at least 2 female clothing items.”

“I feel AMAZING, I feel like a woman, and I like the way I feel the dress on my soft skin and it just becomes an exhilarating experience”

“When i got married i wasn’t into dressing so i didn’t tell my wife about it. But when it came back i got scared and never told her. Well she did find out and it was not a good experience. I keep this side of me hidden out of fear and respect for my wife. I consider myself a secret closet crossdresser. Also turns out I’m not alone in this also. It stinks that i cant share this with her but I’m ok with it as i have others i can share with.”

“Vanilla marriage would dress more often if the opportunity arose”

“Right now I am very limited on the amount of private time I have right now so that definitely inhibits my dress up occasions.”

“I wear panties most of the time”

“I wear panties 24/7 and put on a bra each morning with silicone forms. If I have to go out I underdress with panties/bra without forms almost every day. I’ve let my hair grow out to about 21 inches now and got pierced ears a year ago.
It varies from just wearing lingerie or just a pair of tights to full dressing. Sometimes it can be daily, sometimes less.”

“My wife and I don’t do it with the kids in the house, which is difficult as they still live with us.”

“Not enough. My wife doesn’t approve.”

“I live alone so I dress whenever I like.”

“When I was trapped in marriage it was about every month to relieve stress. On my own, it’s a few times a week, and would be full time if I didn’t have a manly job.”

“Due to my living situation, I can only dress at night when everyone is about to sleep. I usually wear something sexy to bed and wake up like that, sometimes I’ll wear panties or leggings under may male clothes and go to work. If I had my own place I would dress daily and live like that 24/7 as long as I didn’t have to go out.”

A woman in fishnet stockings sitting on a chair.

“I feel more “natural” when dressed en femme (and guy clothes are just plain boring).”

“I get time to dress 1-2 times a month. I usually go out when I dress.”

“I rarely wear mens underwear, my girlfriend decides when I can which is rarely. After work I am dressed in stockings, panties and bra and either a dress or blouse and skirt before I make our dinner and we relax for the evening. On weekends I am in full makeup until Sunday night.”

“Nothing is a better feeling than coming home from driving a truck or working on them and jumping in the shower. Next I get to wash the day away. I usually go with a girly smelling body soap my Girlfriend/Queen picks out for me. After I get out and towel off my Queen leaves out the sexy smelling lotion she wants her slut to wear. Then I start by putting on my clitty cage and putting on whatever my Queen left for me to wear on the bed. Finally I get to out the finishing touches on with a sexy pair of heels. It’s such a nice feeling”

“Whenever I am not at work or have to be somewhere and present myself as male I’m wearing women’s clothing. If it’s a day off, I’m also fully crossdressed, wearing makeup, ladies jewelry and earrings, stockings, a garter belt, women’s panties, a dress and women’s shoes or high heel boots.”

“I really want to start living as a woman full time and also have thought about possibly transitioning if I can get the proper diagnosis but I’m still unsure how I would be treated at my job due to some of my coworkers beliefs and political views.”

“It varies vastly depending upon my mood, interaction with other people and what I see in mass media that may trigger the urge.”

“As I live alone, I can dress whenever I want at home, without hiding my girly wardrobe, which gives me immense pleasure. I love opening my lingerie drawer then my wardrobe to put an outfit together”

“Now married and retired so have limited occasions when I’m at home alone. I have a small stash of lingerie, heels, a wig, and makeup, but I feel so special when I’m able to transform for a short while.”

“I will dress whenever I get the chance, but I schedule at least one period a month where I dress for at least 3 days. During this time, I dress 24/7 and go out in public for everyday tasks.”

“My wife and I are retired. So I have to sneak around the house to be able to crossdress. And I dress simply. Not much time to dress extensively.”

“But realy want to do it more oftne but have no time to do it”

“I very rarely fully crossdress, as my wife works at home and doesn’t like to see me that way. However, all of my ‘male mode’ clothes (jeans, t-shirts, underwear, shoes) are women’s. I sleep in a nightdress and I’m growing my hair and nails.”

“Whenever I get a chance to and have the house to myself.”

“Want to cross dress every day. But opportunity is not there.”

“I try to dress at least once per week, sometimes more”

“Whenever home alone.”

“I just feel like myself when I crossdress.”

“I wear something feminine daily!”

“Multiple times a week but some days my wife prefers i stay dressed as a male”

“I’d dress up weekly if it were possible.”

“It’s more what we were underneath. For safe expression”

“I am older now, even married with young children. My wife and I have a very honest relationship (I believe). As I have aged and started taking various medications including SSRI’s I could feel my sex drive, libido etc. waning. After having kids we tried having sex a few times, and I found it difficult to actually stay erect long enough to make it enjoyable, so needless to say our sex life simply became non-existent. Recently my wife approached me and asked if I would have any issue with her being polyamorous. We talked and I agreed it would be ok and I have decided to support her and be happy for her to start that journey…which led to me looking inward and trying to figure out my own desires and needs. Which led to me talking openly about my desire to explore “some” crossdressing. So I have restarted my journey as well, trying to get my wardrobe started etc. I currently only have some of the bare minimum basics, but for the past week have at least worn panties under my clothes everyday and dress up with what I have at night when everyone is asleep. Even though I will have some tough challenges and difficulties with having a family, I feel I am finally able to be honest with myself and figure “me” out hopefully with less shame and embarrassment I faced in the past. I at least have one person who knows my secret, and doesn’t shun or make me feel like a total freak, and that is such a huge drastic change from my previous experiences. I don’t know where my journey will leave but I am finally attempting to embrace it as openly as I can.”

“I wear panties everyday. I only dress up more two or three times a month. I would really like to dress up all the time.”

“I’m married and have a family so it’s difficult. I have a constant internal struggle binge and purge, binge and purge… The kids are older now so I’m hoping to get a better balance. I want this and it’s not going away.”

“I live on my own so whenever I feel like it. I have my own wardrobe of female clothes. But I still live ostensibly as a male. I just can’t see myself crossing over permanently. Facial and body hair are a big blocker plus I am bald so would have to always wear a wig. I just can’t do that 7 days a week. Although I love the fantasy of that!”

“When edged on by a partner.”

“Sadly, it’s been a few years.”

“I dress at home all the time. I mix clothes in at work. I’m transitioning so it’s more than just crossdressing. It’s transforming…”

“I wear knickers regularly and get fully crossdressed when I can.”

“Never enough! I was dressing more but work changes have stopped dressing so much”

“As much as possible. Panties of course, daily. Pantyhose, shaved legs and painted toe nails in cute colors in the wintertime.”

“My wife is aware and enjoys my alter ego. Would love to do it more”

“I often dress at work, I start very early 330am and no one else in the building until 630am so I dress every day as if I was working my we tie day as a woman”

“Panties every day…make up every day…”

“More and more all time, it’s like an addiction. I pluck my eyebrows and my legs are shaved. I wear panties almost everyday. My left ear is pierced and I plan on getting the other one done soon. I’ve gone out in pubic and am getting more comfortable doing so. Going a concert next month.”

“Most of the time just panties but more fully dressed if I get the chance on my own”

“Would like to do more often, but have a family at home.”

“Initially, my Wife would only dress me in women’s clothes occasionally. For the last six months or so She’s done it every day. She has said that She wished that She knew earlier that She’d enjoy it so much. She enjoys that it takes away some of my masculinity, softens me and (as part of chastity/FLR) I’ve become more attentive to Her.”

“Depends on time alone, still in the closet and have not told anyone yet”

“I usually wear a mixture of men’s and women’s clothes. I will only wear a full fem outfit for special occasions, a few times a year, as getting rid of all my body hair takes forever.”

“I live alone, so I can dress whenever I can, and so I do. When I’m home I usually dress in something comfy, but cute. Even if nothing else, a bra with my breast forms a cute top and some sweatpants are a must.”

“Recently I started posting on Reddit, and Instagram as Anne, so I’m “”required”” to dress more feminine for pics but hey, I’m not complaining”

“As much as I can”

“Pretty much if I’m at home I’m usually wearing panties and leggings at the least but usually also have a bra with fake boobs inserts and a cute top too”

“I feel like I’ll explode if I don’t dress now”

“Sometimes I will take off work just to crossdress all day and even go shopping for more clothes. Most of the time, if I’m not too tired, I will dress up when I get home from work at the end of the day.”

“I wear panties everyday, sometimes a bra under my thicker shirts, I often sleep in a sexy nightgown or lingerie, and I wear a skirt around the house or out on my deck at least a couple times a week.”

“I’m an opportunist crossdresser – we have a 9 year old daughter and with family obligations (which I don’t begrudge) I’ll take the chance to dress up when I can. I draw pleasure now from the whole process of make up to dressing and use it as the stress relief it is. If I’m at home for a week in term time I could end up dressing for a few hours on several days.”

“Erotic, dirty and slutty”

“I don’t fully cross dress, I’m more of a secret one who wears thigh highs everyday”

“Most of the time it depends on the mood I am feeling along with how horny I am. Unfortunately current conditions I’m living with others so I cannot do it as freely as I want despite how I enjoy the feeling being in women’s clothing”

“I want to dress all the time but I’m too scared of losing my family and friends, but have tried a few time to take hormones”

“I try to always incorporate some feminine item into my daily dress, I’m most comfortable in lingerie and most days can’t wait to get home into some leggings or on weekends to get to get dressed in a nice dress or skirt and go out for a little while.”

“My frequency dressing up has changed throughout the years. Mostly due to work demands. During covid, I was out of work and dressed almost daily. Now I have started another business and I dress up fully on my day off (work 6 days). But I wear panties everyday.”

In the next post...

In the next post we will dig into WHY we adore crossdressing so much, if we do it in public and how we feel about that.

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