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A woman in a red dress posing for a photo.‘What a beautiful and sexy story. My girly cock was hard for most of the story and I suspect that Hannah shares the same secret as me! I would love to know what happens when Hannah reveals herself 😊’

Suzy Fleur // @suzanne100000

A woman smiling while holding a knife.‘Omg omg omg omg! I went to work early. Bra panties garter hose heels and full slip with dress. And I listened to your story, Rubys Rose. It was so sexy and I really wanted to be in that big bed, with all the other gurls! My heart is beating out of my chest!’

Jessalyn Anne // @annejessalyn


A woman in a red dress posing for a photo.OMFG sorry for being direct, but that made me cum in my panties so hard! Am lying here breathing hard, hmmm yummy. Thank you for this amazing chapter ❤❤❤❤❤’
Sarah Maddison // Fetlife Profile

‘This is the most erotic novel I’ve ever read. Immediately, we’re drawn in to a world of sexually powerful women, one of whom is very dominant, Ruby, and finds our main character, Hannah intriguing and wants her in her group of friends. But they’re much more than friends as Hannah finds out and soon Hannah gets drawn in to this world and suddenly realizes her inner most fantasies coming true and at times struggles to keep a hold on reality. In the end she gives in and realizes her naughty, sexually powerful and explicit dream has come true. I’d highly recommend this book but please be advised the content is extremely sexual. Please enjoy alone and dressed appropriately as Jenny recommends, it’s so worth it. And to the author I say a huge thankyou for giving us what we’ve always wanted. A group of sexually naughty but powerful people who draw us in and keep us locked in for the entire ‘ride’.’
Mandy Samantha Wilson // @samanthawilson1801

Wow! You don’t half write a super erotically charged story! Good pacing with the story and background of the two main characters and the oh so deliciously sensual and erotically charged main event. The part of getting ready and transformed was excellently written with all the thoughts and sensations that she was going through. I want a second instalment!’ 💋
Meilssa // @maid_melissa

‘OMG. I teased it out. The best orgasm for ages! And then I listened again this morning. Just as exploisive! You’re amazing! So I will now get myself some hold ups, and wear my favourite minidress and underwear and then… well I think you know what’ ❤️
Katie // @KTG410

‘Oh my goodness that was hot! It was like I was there in my head, like it was my dream. The story had a good pace and was full of twists and turns, one I really wasn’t expecting. And it’s so much better to have a story with no men in it, only girls and gurls.’
Michelle @michelecrossd

‘As instructed, I lay on my bed in my darkened bedroom, wearing pink lace knickers, fishnets holdups, and high heels… I slipped on my headphones and listened intently to the beautifully narrated, intensely erotic words. I can’t wait to hear more of your words.’
Ana via Instagram


‘I LOVED this read, it felt like Jenny was in my head and writing my fantasy. Such a lucky lucky girl to make these friends and life this life. Can’t wait for the next book! ❤️’

Helen G. via Instagram

A woman wearing a purple wig and pink lipstick.

‘Jenny’s stories are so beautifully written and I connect with them as through them, I find the freedom to express myself for the woman I really am. Her erotic and sensual words are perfect for a late night, all dressed up in my favourite feminine wear. I truly appreciate her work and will continue to read all her books as soon as they are released!’

Katy. via Instagram

‘Omg Jenny very erotic hot hot hot ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ it made me touch myself and I could not stop till I had a orgasm ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️’


‘Ruby is the girl that every sissy slut wants to become, wants get tied up on bed by, and wants to get mercilessly f****d by. The way each character is described, particularly their clothes, gives an instant boner to every sissy. Ruby is my dream. I listened to the audiobook version and I have never heard such a seductive story so sensually performed. Jenny, you are my Mistress!’
@Surabhi via Instagram