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The Results of the 2024 All Gurl Crossdresser Survey

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This survey was part of a personal exploration for me as I write my own biography, in part to better understand who I am. Over 250 gurls took the survey, over a three week period, over the later end of Christmas 2023 and January 2024. The full results and many comments have been compiled below.

I do hope you find them as illuminating as I did.  And for the gurls who took the survey, thank you, and I honour your feminine self for your courage, honesty and naughtiness.



Jenny X

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Part 6: Sexual Partners… The Results Of The 2024 Crossdressing All Gurl Survey

Who do we like to get it on with, while in our feminine energy….​ Let’s get into the sticky details. What our past, present and future lovers look like. Always while in heels of course. Can I also just state now how much I have adored this whole prcess? Connecting with so many wonderful gurlies and hearing your deepest and darkest secrets. It’s been my honour.

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Part 8: Conclusions… The Results Of The 2024 Crossdressing All Gurl Survey

First of all, thank you to every brave gurl who chose to share her deepest secrets, desires and even pain with us all. You are AMAZING! And a little bit sexy too.Second, I am no maths whiz or expert analysis, so much of my thoughts here are what struck me most, rather than perhaps statistically significant. And of course I would love your thoughts too.

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