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What happens in the conclusion to Becoming Hannah: A Translesbian Odyssey?

I am finally writing the third and final chapter in the ‘Becoming Hannah’ series.

Set in London in the early naughties, it follows the mysterious Hannah on her translesbian journey with Ruby, Isobel and Sasha.

In part based on my own experiences, along with a healthy dose of imagination to help the plot, I am thrilled to be finally concluding the saga, at last to reveal exactly what is in Hannah’s panties, and WHY she has been so enigmatic about it.

Using AI I decided to create images for the four main characters, so you can see them as I see them. Gorgeous the lot of them!

Remember, it’s the naughties, before smartphones, when eyebrows were pencil thin and short skirts required on the nightclub dancefloor.

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Woman with an edgy hairstyle and makeup looking over her shoulder in a dimly lit bar with neon lights.


Like a palindrome. Recently moved to London, escaping her old life in the country, Hannah is slight, cute and girlish.

She meets the triad of girls in our story on the dancefloor at the ‘School Disco’. Quickly, she is drawn into their outrageous sexual misadventures and welcomed into their kinky tribe.

But Hannah also has a deep secret. Something has happened to her that she can only reveal in the final chapter.  Something in her panties. And it’s a shocker when the girls finally find out.

Close-up of a woman with glittery eye makeup and tattoos illuminated by neon lights.


Leader of the troupe and a sexual dynamo. Independently wealthy, she has made big money by seducing high net worth individuals to buy art. She now works only for pleasure and owns a huge central London apartment.

Skinny and toned, she prefers to dress either punky for a night out, and like a slutty aristocrat in the bedroom. She adores lovemaking as a group activity, and always with women, though she does enjoy women with cocks too. Nothing is too kinky for Ruby and she will try anything once.

A woman with a punk hairstyle and piercings in a neon-lit environment.


Tall, gorgeous and trans, Sasha has the best of both worlds. A stunning woman who knows how to dress, how to seduce and how to play in the bedroom.

She also has a beautiful cock the girls all love to suck. She enjoys watching her friends in bed, while she slowly pleasures herself and films them. She also does not give a fuck about anyone or anything. This is her life and she will live it the way the fucking pleases.  

Woman with a glass of wine in a neon-lit bar setting.


Eastern European and by far the most classically beautiful of the group. A lesbian who also enjoys transgirls with cocks, she fell in with Sasha and Ruby a while back as they could match her voracious sexual appetite.  

She works as a PA in the city of London and enjoys short skirts and high heels in the office, easily manipulating anyone whose eyes wander to her legs. She is closest to Hannah and she is slowly falling for her.  

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But prepare for a sensual and erotic rollercoaster for translesbians like me and you .

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It’s the naughies and Hannah is on a mission to discover herself and open herself to hedonistic erotic adventure. Leaving behind her old dull life, she yearns to find her ‘people’. You see, Hannah has a deep and hidden sexual secret. And it’s on the dance floor at the School Disco nightclub that Hannah is swept into an erotic underworld that even her wildest fantasies could not rival. She was at the gates of sensual heaven and she knew it.

Join her for her feminine journey into translesbian fantasy as she is initiated into her ‘womanhood’. Experience this deflowering of Hannah, at the fingertips, lips and ohhh lalah… of the outrageously gorgeous Sometimes Sasha, overwhelmingly feminine Isobel from Romania and bitch-leader of the pack, mesmeric and seductive Ruby.

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Hannah has a secret in her panties. A secret she is so desperate to share with her new circle of friends. Maybe tonight, when the four of them find themselves in a king size bed, will be the night her secret is revealed. So much of her wants her secret out, but what will happen?

But before that’s even possible, Hannah must pass an initiation with Ruby, to find her rose, and pluck it.

Join Sasha, Isobel and Ruby for a tour de force of sensual and erotic play as each takes their place in the ritual to both deflower Hannah and part the petals of Ruby’s rose… and maybe, just maybe, they will discover the secret in Hannah’s knickers.

A sensual journey for trans lovers, with all-girl-kinks, feminization and lesbian transformation. Get in bed with us, we dare you!

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