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Chapter One:

The Princess, The Queen and The Bitch

My name is Hannah.

Like a palindrome.

Dirty, by Christina Aguilera, pounded out of the club speakers.

It’s 2002. Having recently escaped my small home town, west of London, and a suffocating relationship with an equally small-minded girl, it was time for something radical.

Ever since the accident, the ‘event’ the experts named it, or whatever you want to call it, my life has changed forever.

So, with a new phone number, a one-way bus ticket out of nowhere and an overpriced promise of a room in a shared house in Acton in London (which later I was to discover was really a large cupboard), my new life and adventure had begun.

I tingled with possibility and adventure. I wanted this soo much, so bad, to be bad, to be so very bad.

Before leaving Nowhereville, I had already lined up my first London job as a barista at the Seattle Coffee Company. Knowing nothing about making ‘fancy city’ coffee, I had, shall we say, exaggerated my experience in my application. Being used to learning on my feet, I soon picked up the skills needed to deliver the best frothy cappuccino in Acton.

And it was one of my now famous frothy cappuccinos over which I first saw her.

Every day She would come into the shop and order coffee. I don’t think that she noticed me the first few times that I served her, but finally last week, I made eye contact, smiled, and lingered long enough to let her know I was available.

That lingering look had led directly to this moment. To an invite to share tonight with her. As well as share it with her mysterious friends.

So Christina Aguilera on the giant video screen, thumping into my body, pulsating in my ears…

It’s the School Disco, a club in London, and the floor is awash with short pleated skirts, tight white shirts bursting with underwired bras, pigtails and that happy look on so many faces that happens after taking little white pills.

This is where I met them.

The three people who were to become the trio who would invite me, no thrust me, into my new life. They would deflower me, both emotionally and in reality, and in the most deliciously physical way too.

Standing on the edge of the dance floor, a glass of cheap wine in hand, being hit on, time and again by boys who reminded me of my old vanilla life, I looked into the crowd. Searching for THE woman, the one I had fantasised about since we first met. Someone I hoped so desperately was just like Christina Aguilera… dirty.

Scanning the dance floor for her, I locked eyes. Not with her, but with another woman.

I flushed as the stare was so intense.

I would later find out her name was Ruby. Her black hair was long and wild and shaved on one side. The whites of her eyes glowed in the dark, rimmed by jet-black eyeliner and heavy eye shadow. Her white shirt was not tight but baggy, revealing her body to be lithe, taut and flat-chested. Sure, like every girl here, she wore a red tartan pleated miniskirt, but it hung off her frame rebelliously.

Ruby was definitely never in the ‘in-crowd’. To her, they would be bitches. To them, she would be the school slut.

Her long legs, wearing black lace top hold-up stockings, ended in what seemed to be the biggest and shiniest patent black Doc Martens I had ever seen. I liked her. I wanted to be close to her.

As she danced to the pulsating rhythm, she didn’t break that electric eye contact with me.

I was out of my depth, and she could sense that.

I liked being out of my depth. And she could sense that too.

While I looked the embodiment of a schoolgirl, out of her comfort zone and in a grown-up nightclub for the first time, inside, I was raging hard for the sexual adventures of a young woman in her prime. One who had never tasted the forbidden… to tease, lick, suck, to slide my tongue around, inside and up and down… To devour. And to be devoured. Oh my, I was flushing hard between my legs.

And then there was my secret. Oh god, maybe I should have stayed put in my invisible life back in Nowhereville? Where it was safe. Where my secret would remain just that. A secret.

Fuck me, I knew this was the night it would all change for me. For better or worse.

Ruby’s sultry stare snapped me from my scowling trance, and I smiled, suddenly self-conscious and embarrassed. I averted my gaze. I had only ever dreamed that I could dress like this, AND be out in the real world with people.

It was electrifying.

One deep breath later and I was drawn back to Ruby.

I now saw that she was not alone. She was one-third of a three-way, an all-dancing and gyrating threesome.

On the other side was… THE WOMAN! Isobel, the one who had invited me just days ago.

Her explosive smile and warm face seemed to never be a moment away from fits of laughter. She grinned, aware that I had already fallen under the dominant trance of Ruby.

Isobel’s long dark hair was tied in braids and two long pigtails. She looked like she could innocently suck a lollipop and cause minor car accidents in doing so.

She moved her hair from her sweaty brow, her long fingers ending in scarlet red nails that counterpointed her elegant and playful manner. Tall, she also wore black lace-top stockings, but with more feminine black patent and shiny knee-length six-inch platform heels. Combined with her pleated tartan miniskirt, her legs seemed to go on forever.

At five foot six, while lean and taunt, my tiny body seemed diminutive compared to the Amazonian physique of Isobel.

Later I would find that she loved Pilates. My self-taught passion for Yoga, learned from a stack of DVDs from Woolworths, would prove to be a place where we could meet mentally AND physically. As well as playfully spar over which technique was better. I was, of course, always right.

Between these two girls was Sasha.

I don’t want to say too much about him here, as he proved to be the biggest surprise, and I will keep that for later. I would also discover that while he was tight with these two cherry bombs, he was also a visitor. Sometimes regular. Sometimes not. And so we called him Sometimes-Sasha, not only because of his visitation habits, but because SOMETIMES he was an entirely different Sasha. And that ‘other’ Sasha was divine, dirty and a downright diva.

The three were now turned sideways, huddled tight, moving as one as they gyrated with the music.

In the dark of the club, fitfully illuminated by flashes and amidst the smoke and lasers, I could see Ruby had worked her hand down into Sasha’s pants.

My heart rate soared.

And I could see that Sasha had worked his hand down the front of Isobel’s panties.

The spinning nightclub lights, like a strobe, teased momentary glimpses of white cotton briefs, black lace stocking tops and fingers in forbidden places.

Ruby switched around and slid her hand into Isobel’s panties too, while kissing her exposed neck. All this time, she never broke eye contact with me.

Isobel, now pulsating with pleasure, seemed lost. Intoxicatingly, I wondered how many fingers were inside her? I watched in envy as her hands caressed her breasts, then up and into her hair. Her long red fingernails, the same ones that had momentarily connected with my fingers in the coffee shop three days ago, traced across her sweaty face. She opened her eyes and shot a magnetic glance over at me. Her lips parted in a hedonistic smile, drunk on her own wave-after-wave of pleasure. Her body tightened and her eyes closed again as Ruby worked her that bit harder, re-establishing herself as alpha. She was in total control of the threesome. She was also in total control of me. She knew it. I knew it. She liked it.

I fucking loved it.

She nodded an invitation to me to join them.

I hesitated.

With her now free hand, Ruby extended her finger, her black nails contrasting with Isobel’s scarlet ones, and motioned for me to join them.

It felt like her fingers had already penetrated me, and she was drawing me closer.
Again, I hesitated. Ruby was having none of it.

I knew there was no escape.

I stepped closer, seeing her more clearly now. Her ears were adorned with more earnings than I could count. And there was a certainty in her eyes that I was now hers.

She motioned for me to come closer. She was still dancing to the pounding beat as I complied and approached. Stepping forward, she wrapped her arm around my waist roughly, then, with sublime confidence, pulled me close. Intimate. Sweatily and still moving to the rhythm of the music, she breathed the words into my ear, ‘do you want to join us and play?’

My chest heaved.

I nodded submissively.

She smiled, took me by my hand, and the small group opened up, swallowing me whole.

I was now inside the private party that was once a threesome. And now with me, a foursome. And I was pulsating along with them.

Bodies rubbed against me, hot breath filled the air, hands, so many fucking hands, touched and explored me. I was quickly lost in an overwhelming wave of erotic energy.

Ruby pulled me back from the brink, then up close to her and commanded me, ‘finger her and wank him off…’

I paused, Sasha and Isobel knowingly watching and waiting for my next move.

The beat of the music crescendoed and I was overcome… I slid my hands into places I had only ever dreamed of in my bed back home in Nowhereville, while wanking myself into orgasmic pleasure for the seventh time on a rainy Saturday.

Ruby leaned in, licking my ear, then hoarsely uttered, ‘Good girl’.

She bit my ear hard, it burned, and I liked it. She then blithely slid one hand up my top and around my breast. Her other hand was already on my lips as she slid two fingers into my mouth so that I could taste Isobel.

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

The music, eyes, fingers, breath, lips, tongues, and bodies, all deliciously coiled into an all-consuming singularity of hedonism.

This was the start of my sexual misadventures with Ruby and the gorgeous Isobel, who I had met just days earlier in the coffee shop. And, of course, Sometimes-Sasha too.

Later that night, I would discover everything about Sometimes-Sasha. It would be revealed that he was not just a guy who was lucky enough to land two stunning occasional fuck buddies in Ruby and Isobel. No. Sasha, when he wanted to be, was every inch a gorgeous woman.

Red heels, scarlet sequin minidress, black lace-topped hold-up stockings, vermillion fingernails, cascading blonde wig (though I preferred the short cropped hair she styled so sexily), the longest lashes. Oh-la-lah! And with a magnificent cock that ALWAYS tasted best when I shared it with my two new best girlfriends.

Tonight I wondered if my secret would be revealed. And if it was, there would be no way to return THAT genie into the bottle. Nor did I want it to.

This is MY initiation.

Welcome to my secret adventures.

I dare you to read on.

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It’s the naughies and Hannah is on a mission to discover herself and open herself to hedonistic erotic adventure. Leaving behind her old dull life, she yearns to find her ‘people’. You see, Hannah has a deep and hidden sexual secret. And it’s on the dance floor at the School Disco nightclub that Hannah is swept into an erotic underworld that even her wildest fantasies could not rival. She was at the gates of sensual heaven and she knew it.

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