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Who are the girls in your stories about Hannah? Is Ruby a real person?

I get asked this question almost daily, especially about Ruby.

So yeah, she is a real person. I began writing about Hannah and her journey as a way of sharing my own experiences, particularly in the noughties when I first ventured ‘out’.

I was extraordinarily lucky in so much as almost the first people I met when moving to London were Ruby and Isobel from the stories. And yes that first scene in The Initiation of Hannah did happen at the School Disco in Hammersmith.

Of course Ruby and Isobel are not their real names and I have changed some details for privacy. They are both mothers with families now, and their rather debauched days of high heels and short skirts would raise some eyebrows if they were revealed.

The photos on this page are of them when we were at the School Disco. I will say no more and obviously I have hidden their identity, with their permission of course.

It turns out, they are both excellent proof readers too, and they do love reading my dramatizations. I suspect they are also checking to see that I don’t make any mistakes and reveal too much. I see them occasionally for coffee too, and we roar with laughter at our exploits.

Hannah is a version of me, dramatized, with an invented twist for book three.

And Sasha is also a version me, elevated to who I became after a few years ‘on the scene’ and as my confidence grew.

It’s HUGE fun to share a bed with them, and with you too.

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And I get such a thrill when readers contact me with their thoughts, or leave comments on the blog, or my Amazon pages. I know from the other authors I have been interviewing for my series on erotica writers, they feel the same too, so please do leave feedback. It makes a MASSIVE difference.

I am working on Book three now from the Initiation of Hannah series, as well as some interconnecting scenes, and I plan to edit all three into a paperback too, something requested by the lovely and upper supportive mandysamanthawilson1801 on Instagram.

My most recent book, First Time, is also very personal, more so than the Initiation of Hannah. I just released the first volume. Once again Ruby makes an appearance, but a decade and a half after meeting Hannah. Her exploits with, well I will let you find out…

You can get it now on Amazon.

Thank you for reading my books, or listening to the Audiobooks. Remember you can get the Initation of Hannah and the audiobook completely free just by signing up to my list here…

Jenny Raven

PS – I just posted more bout these AMAZING girls HERE.


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2 thoughts on “Who are the girls in your stories about Hannah? Is Ruby a real person?”

  1. Mandy Samantha Wilson

    Thank you so much for the inclusion and to allow me partway in to your world please ensure that both of your friends are thanked too. I so enjoy your romps. I’m usually a Sherlock Holmes reader so this is my first venture in to a world I dreamt of being a part of myself and thanks to your romps I still can….keep filthy..love and kisses…

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