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‘Anticipation’ Featuring Hannah and Sasha. A ten minute tease.

Three years ago, I began an erotic short story collection with Ruby. We both ended up getting jobs and the project stalled, and so I have decided to publish a few of them here. They are a ten minute tease, just enough time to get us in the mood for, well you know… Naughty!

I do hope you enjoy and please leave some feedback if you do…

All senses have been taken from you. A delicious rage courses through your veins. Submit or fight?

Cocooned in blackness, the red crushed velvet blindfold blocks the world from your sight. Oh, how you wish you could see her.

The sound of ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ deafens you from your pounding heartbeat, the headphones you wear blocking another vital sense.

You can smell her perfume though, musky. She is near.

You can feel your body. Spread-out, hands and legs tied apart, naked aside from your Louboutin shoes and black stockings.

You breathe deep, desperately searching for more information from your remaining senses. Nothing but blackness and unrelenting pounding. The pill you took 40 minutes ago in the club where you met is flooding you with love and lust for her.

Your rage manifests as you try to rip yourself free, but the ropes are firm.


A new sensation, once delightful to you, now electric in the wake of the removal of your two primary senses.

The feeling of silk slowly running up you your nylon clad leg. Divine.

It passes over your mound which you instinctively raise, offering, begging, desiring penetration… But knowing that game is not on tonight’s menu, she isn’t equipped for it.

The silk passes up and over your nipples, so erect they hurt. And then across your face, the material cold yet soft. You snarl and snap at it, narrowly missing the fabric, frustrated by the tease.

Again you fight your bonds.

You feel her long fingernails circling your nipple. You can’t remember what colour they were, but you imagine that like yours, they are black. No, hers are scarlet. You do remember her eyes now, white and penetrating against her deep misty eyes shadow. Her long black hair cascaded across her black bodice, her figure lithe and taught – she must work out.

Up close, each of you is reflected in your black dilated pupils, your bodies rubbing and writing in unison with the beats of the club where you just met.

Oh, how you wish your hand was free to expertly massage your exploding clitoris now. Rage!

You feel warm breathe close to your face. Then the soft caress of her lips on yours. No time to waste, your tongue darts into her mouth, demanding attention.

Without warning, her fingers enter your lips below, sliding in easily now that you are so wet. Her fingertips play firmly with your clitoris, you feel the occasional sharp rub of her hard nails, only increasing the sensations.

This first orgasm is going to be swift as you have been aroused for so long and have abstained for so long, in anticipation of this evening.

She senses your tightening and immediately withdraws, thrusting her fingers into your mouth so you can taste your own cunt. Her tongue now enters your mouth, invading you and sharing in the delicious aroma and tastes of your wet pussy.

Oh fuck, you need to come!

You pull your face away violently, breathing out your demand… ‘fuck me…’

And she is gone.

You breathe deep. Again, ‘fuck me!’. You open your legs wider, inviting her fingers, tongue… fucking anything! But nothing.

What the fuck?!

The sharp searing pain on your right nipple causes you to gasp. Then the left nipple burns in agony. Your remaining sense of smell detects a burning candle and a liberal cum like splash of tallow burns across your breasts.

How did she know?

Again she is inside you, this time her tongue expertly massaging your erect clitoris. And once more, it’s just moments before she has teased a climax from you. You are going to cum… and she withdraws.

‘Arrrrrrrgh! Fuck me, won’t you fu….’

Her cock enters your mouth as she face-fucks you.

It’s all so wrong. But so fucking right. You devour her cock, both of you losing grip on control…

It’s messy, really fucking messy, and a bit fucked up. Your favourite place.

She fumbles at your bonds and releases your hands. Like a banshee you are free, pulling your blindfold from your eyes and headphones from your ears. She drops back, legs wide, her gorgeous smile both feminine and beautiful. Your eyes drop down and can’t believe her gorgeous cock.

The power is exchanged and you devour HER cock.

A moment later and the power game flips as she deftly manoeuvres you onto your back, before pinning you down and entering you deeply.

Your eyes make contact for a moment as you both savour the sensations, feelings and deep connection. So much filth and beauty to look at and yet all each can do is look deep into each other’s eyes, gently loving one another’s souls. It’s the fucking ecstasy.

Slowly and with great control now. she slides her cock in and out, in time with your heaving chest. This will be a slow and a deep fuck like no other.

She smiles. You smile… You both giggle…

She penetrates harder and faster now.

Again you smile but this time you feel a tightening.

She feels it too…

You cover your eyes, lost in the abyss of arousal and the imminent orgasm.


I hope you enjoyed this little slide of pleasure…

Kisses in heels.

Jenny Raven x

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  1. Yes so I could actually tie myself spread eagle to my bed with headphones on and a blindfold just listening to your voice I recon I’ll start getting weak

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