Ruby's rose by jeannette paige.

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The bed was super king-size. I had never seen a bed so big. One we could all get into, and there was still space.

Funny that it was called King size though, as it was brimming with Queens, dykes, sluts and of course, me. Little girl lost and over her head.

Loungy trance music wafted across the room.

Slumped on one side of the bed was Sometimes Sasha, our gorgeous tranny, preoccupied with adjusting her stockings for maximum visual eroticism. On the far side was Isobel, our lithe and gorgeous Amazonian, lost in texting while tying her hair up into a tight ponytail.

And in the middle? Me. I thought that we were going out tonight, but now I saw that the party was in the bedroom.

Sasha was her total sex bomb self. Short cropped hair, heavy eye makeup and lippy. Long red nails and a burgundy sequin minidress. Reclined, she brought her long and gorgeous legs up, wearing black ten-denier stockings and filthy wine-red knee-high boots. She was fucking exquisite, and she knew it. Averting her eyes, she relished the magnetic draw I felt to gaze at her, and I would steal delicious glances.

Isobel giggled. This was a routine she knew all too well.

Fresh from work, she was still dressed in her executive assistant suit, hair tied up and perfectly pulled tightly back into a long ponytail. Her eyes glittered with the deep shades of red and purple of her eye shadow, accentuated by the longest lashes I had ever seen her wearing. Hoop earrings, a tight white figure-hugging blouse and a black and white chequered miniskirt that was WAY too short. Frankly, it should have got her fired as it only drew the eye to her legs that went on forever. She pulled her legs up beneath herself, the lace tops of her black stockings peeping from under the pleats of her skirt. She smiled at me knowingly as she passed me a large glass of red wine.

What the fuck was going on?

‘Drink. Relax’. Oh god, that Romanian accent of hers was such a turn-on.

Chink, she toasted, giggled, and took two big gulps.

I did the same.

My heart was now pounding, and I was already on the verge of hyperventilating.

I glanced over at Sometimes Sasha, who still nonchalantly and knowingly ignored me, running her long red nails up and down her inner thigh. Isobel smiled deeply, putting her arm around me and whispering, ‘Relax. Enjoy. Keep an open mind, yes? She makes us do this to her. Every few months.’

Do what?

The bedroom door swung open. Ruby had arrived.

‘You ready for this?’ she commanded.

OMFG, she knew how to make an entrance.

Ruby threw something silvery at me, and instinctively I caught it.


Two pairs. Two pairs? Cuffs? For who? For what? For me?

I looked up at Ruby and took her in.

Lithe and toned, her black satin cupless corset and black lace top stockings framed her lily-white midriff and crotch. She stood provocatively, feet apart, an extra eight inches taller now, thanks to her patent leather boots and heels. Long black gloves were pulled up almost all the way to her shoulders. She was ALL black and white, save for her vermillion lips.

Almost everything was clothed aside from where SHE wanted us to focus our gaze and desire. Shocking black eyeliner and eye shadow meant her eyes would drill into me when she permitted me a moment of eye contact. It took only a look from her to put me in my place.

And everywhere I dared glance was pierced or tattooed. And I mean EVERYTHING.

Her ears each wore at least ten earrings. Both nipples of her flat-chested breasts were pierced with steel bolts. A symmetrical tattoo of wings straddled her waistline before disappearing into the shocking black mess of her pubes in what looked like…

I don’t know?

I couldn’t quite make it out.

But there was something there, hiding beneath?

I was also sure more piercings would be awaiting my inspection and attention down there too.

I admit, I was desperate to run my fingers through her pubes, breathe in her scent… and taste her.

Squeezing my thighs tightly, I created a delicious wave of tension radiating from my hot groin. While I may be wet and ready to be fucked hard, something told me I would be the one waiting tonight.

You see, I was to submit to whatever Ruby had planned.

And I was ready to be her plaything.

Tonight I was ALL girl. Every inch of me an innocent slut.

I wanted it.

I wanted her.

I looked up sheepishly just in time to see a small bag tossed in my direction. It landed between my legs. I opened it and peered inside as Ruby strutted across the room like she was on an S and M catwalk.

‘It’s your turn to do me, new girl…’ she commanded.

Wait, what?

Like a cat, she mounted the bed, slid between Isobel and me, flipping onto her back and spreading her arms out and legs wide.

The invitation and intention was clear.

Isobel grinned as Sasha took her place on a seat across from the bed so she could watch. She crossed her legs and again, ignored us, checking her phone.

Fuck me. Why was that so hot? Sitting there, nearly six feet of pure sexuality, just ignoring us?

Looking down at the handcuffs, the penny dropped. They were not for me.

They were for Ruby.

Of course they were.

Isobel took a set of the cuffs, gave me a cheeky grin, and set to work, locking Ruby to her side of the bedframe. Dutifully I did the same. Up close, I could see her fingernails. They were short and looked like they had been painted black six weeks ago. I looked at my own manicured nails and really got it.

Ruby didn’t give a fuck what we thought of her.

Oh god, I wanted her even more now.

Looking around, I saw that Isobel was already rummaging in the bag. She removed a short rope and glided to the foot of the bed. Expertly she tied the rope around the leg of the bed and then to Ruby’s foot. Again, I followed her lead and tied Ruby’s other leg securely.

Spread eagled and bound, Ruby breathed hard. Isobel moved over to her face and gently and slowly tied a blindfold over her eyes, making sure she was so close as to tease Ruby with her body heat.

Now what?

Sasha was still crossed-legged, looking like a million dollars and ignoring me.

I looked to Isobel who nodded toward the bag. I reached down and tipped the contents out. A small white face towel, a blue razor and a can of shaving foam.

Turning to Ruby now, I was overwhelmed by my desire to immediately dive between her legs and lick her pussy.

I knew I was not allowed that pleasure yet.

I had a job to do.

My veins flooded with adrenaline and the delicious mix of erotic thrill, and my unleashed filthy-as-fuck slut took over.

Picking up the can of shaving foam, I shook it, mimicking the expert hand job Sasha might get if she gave me her attention. She raised an eyebrow. That was enough. The game was on.

Now, I turned 100% of my attention to Ruby, who used the slack in the rope to raise her knees and open her legs even wider. What a divine invitation.

Isobel watched from the side of the bed, captivated by our silent sexual power play.

I squirted a dollop of shaving cream into my hand and momentarily fingered the white foam mound. The slippery and voluminous sensations between my fingers a divine precursor of what was to come.

Isobel slid her long elegant fingers into my palm, playing with the cream and enjoying the sensations too.

Slowly she kissed me, our tongues intertwining, her fingers playing with the foam in my hand. I sensed myself losing control, and Isobel expertly pulled away, teasing me and keeping me on the right side of ecstasy. And always maintaining eye contact… ‘Shall we?’ she asked and nodded toward Ruby.

Kneeling down, I raised my ass into the air.

I knew that Sasha would have a front-row view up my pleated miniskirt, of my now moist panties, stretched tightly across my vulva.

I didn’t need to look.

I knew she was already watching, her beautiful cock in hand, slowly wanking herself. I imagined the view for a moment, but kept my attention on Ruby, whose aroma was intoxicating. She breathed hard as she could feel my breath just inches from her labia and her clitoris, still hidden within her wanting lips.

Ruby's rose a flower for the plucking.

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Hannah has a secret in her panties. A secret she is so desperate to share with her new circle of friends. Maybe tonight, when the four of them find themselves in a king size bed, will be the night her secret is revealed. So much of her wants her secret out, but what will happen?

But before that’s even possible, Hannah must pass an initiation with Ruby, to find her rose, and pluck it.

Join Sasha, Isobel and Ruby for a tour de force of sensual and erotic play as each takes their place in the ritual to both deflower Hannah and part the petals of Ruby’s rose… and maybe, just maybe, they will discover the secret in Hannah’s knickers.

A sensual journey for trans lovers, with all-girl-kinks, feminization and lesbian transformation. Get in bed with us, we dare you!

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