March 14, 2023

Ruby's rose by jeannette paige.

Read The Opening To Ruby’s Rose: A Flower For The Plucking

The bed was super king-size. I had never seen a bed so big. One we could all get into, and there was still space. Funny that it was called King size though, as it was brimming with Queens, dykes, sluts and of course, me. Little girl lost and over her head. Loungy trance music wafted across the room.
Slumped on one side of the bed was Sometimes Sasha, our gorgeous…

A woman smoking a hookah in a dark room.

Who are the girls in your stories about Hannah? Is Ruby a real person?

I get asked this question almost daily, especially about Ruby. So yeah, she is a real person. I began writing about Hannah and her journey as a way of sharing my own experiences, particularly in the noughties when I first ventured ‘out’. I was extraordinarily lucky in so much as almost the first people I met when moving to London were Ruby and Isobel…