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Katie Has A Crush… Chapter One

I recently invited Katie Gardner who I met on Instagram to submit a story. She is a naughty little minx. As you will read in this serialised erotic story. Follow her on Instagram here… https://www.instagram.com/ktg410/

Here’s Chapter One, and chapter two HERE.

Chapter One


I know I only lost my phone last night, but being severed from the internet has cut off my life line to my sisters and lovers on Insta. No deep chats. Not liking delicious photos. No naughty chat. Don’t play innocent, you do it too. I know. #shockedface.


I bought some antique drawers last year, shabby chic. And for some reason, opening those draws, the aroma, the sound of oak drawers on cedar sliders makes, and the way my lingerie feels just that bit more sensual… I can’t explain it, it’s just more feminine. Perfect for a girl like me. Slightly romantic and just a little bit dirty (a lot really! #shockedface)

I like to take my time with my lingerie, my fingers playing with the gorgeous fabric, some garments white, some ivory, some red (naughty naughty) but today is my favourite, black.

Normally I would go for my favourite lace top hold up stockings, but today I am feeling frisky. And that means my suspender belt.

Not only does it feel just divine, looking at myself in the mirror reminds me just how sexy I look and feel when I wear it. If only there were someone I could reach out to on Insta to chat with now, to play with. Argghhh!

OK back to getting dressed to turn heads.

Pulling on the skimpiest thong is always a problem for us girls. You know why. But it also feels just perfect. Right?

Sliding on my black lace matching bra, I take my time to enjoy the ritual. To savour these moments. To remind myself I am all woman. Every inch of me. And we know how many inches I have. Especially when I am a gorgeous woman. Too much? Sorry. Not sorry.

My heart beats faster as I open a packet of new, ten denier, black, lace top stockings. I was lucky, when I was younger as I had a wonderful woman in my life and she showed me how to put on my stockings. To be tutored in the way of sensual womanhood at such an early age was a gift I am grateful for every day and I know so many who have not had such a wonderful relationship.

The sliding on of the nylon across my freshly shaved skin. The way nylon on nylon creates that unique erotic friction. But most of all, how a long black dress with black nylon slip feels when it rubs against my legs. Oh my, it’s enough to make a girl light headed.

Slipping on my black patent platform heels, too high of course, but always delivers lingering looks, I head for the door. A bottle of wine from the corner shop will be my lover tonight. I plan to spend at least an hour on the sofa sipping my lover, sensually exploring every inch of my body and edging myself into hedonistic heaven. Or is that hell? Who cares, it’s divine.

Clickety clack as I make my way down the stairs to the hallway outside my flat. A decorator paints the walls, his back to me. I notice his broad shoulders. I wonder if he will do the usual boring thing of wolf whistling or making some creepy comment. I glide past and glance over my shoulder.

Wait what? The decorator is a woman. And not just any woman. Tattooed. Pierced. Short hair cropped on one side. Heavy eyeliner. Ohhh my. Her figure. Toned and athletic. And in her dungarees covered in paint, messy hands, sweaty…

I melt. She notices me and nods hello.

I hadn’t expected this and am now overcome by a wild desire to be with her. That body, so twisted steel and sex appeal. And a woman too. I am so confused! Not.

She seems to hardly notice me. I smile, giggling awkwardly, and leave. Suddenly a schoolgirl again, and not in a good way.

I know if I glance over my shoulder and she is looking away, I have no hope. But if she is looking? Should I risk the glance? No.

Oh fuck it, yes.

I glance.

She was watching me and quickly looks back to her work.

Electricity fizzles in my body and that familiar tingling between my legs causes me to smile uncontrollably.

Arghhh. Ok. Get it together.

To the shop for wine. And enough time to plan my seduction. Maybe today I won’t be alone after all?

To be continued… Chapter Two HERE

Do follow Katie on Insta, she is a doll and I have secret not so secret girlcrush on her.

Kisses In Heels, Jennyx

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