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Katie Has A Crush… Chapter Three

If you missed chapter two of this erotic story by Katie Gardner, you can read it HERE.

Chapter Three


My plan was simple. Spend an hour getting dressed up in m favourite and most outrageously feminine dresses, stockings, heels and jewellery . Take a months worth of Instargram pictures, plus a few VERY naughty ones for my special girlfriends. All while downing half a glass of wine and ending with a delightful half hour of very slow… well you know what. All while listening to the audio of Jenny Ravens newest book. So sensual. So me. So you too.

In truth I love dressing up in front of the mirror.

I love my legs, more than any other part of me. I am blessed with long and lithe legs that always drop jaws. I shave regularly, and always wear black ten denier lace top stockings. And heels of course. Thank god for Amazon. I don’t know how on earth gurls managed to get size ten six inch platform heels before. Let alone calf length black ones, my personal favourite.

Of course, this dressing up ritual is even more exquisite with my gurlfirends.

Especially, and you can follow them on Insta, @jennifers.captions (so gorgeous and feminine in her business suit, suntan tights and black heels), @Michelecrossd (who likes to relax in her 1950’s style petticoat and voluminous crinoline dress, watch, and erm, touch herself – naughty but divinely girly to play with) and @Isabel_secret_cd (who is the gurl who always cums first in her panties, and again and again. She is such a dirty gurl and we love her for it). We have had so much fun together.

Of course this is just three of my special friends, I have SOOOOO many more and I know Jenny wants to share their stories too. Watch this space.

But back to me. My long legs in black sheer stockings.


The red patent heels I just slipped into. The figure hugging maxi dress pulled up just enough to reveal the lace tops of my stockings. Oh, I am so tempted to just ride up my skirt right now and shoot some private X rated poses for the gurls. Yes. I am doing it.

Ding dong. The doorbell.

I have not ordered any new shoes from Amazon. No. It couldn’t be. Could it?

I take a deep breath and stride like a super model on a catwalk to the door.

And another deep breath. And open it.

There she is. Still dirty. Sweaty. And fucking cute as hell.

Me, now towering over her in my heels, her big brown eyes gazing up at me. That adorable tuft of blond hair poking out from her reversed baseball cap. The piercings. And the promise of tattoos as yet undiscovered.

‘That drink still going?’ she husked?

‘Uh huh’ I barely managed.

She added, ‘And I was wondering. I need to freshen up. I got my stuff with me?’ She tilts her shoulder to reveal a scruffy back pack. Lord only knows what fun is in there. ‘Can I take a shower?’ she asks with a knowing smile.

I may faint. For real.

To be continued…

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Do follow Katie on Insta, she is a doll and I have secret not so secret girlcrush on her.

Kisses In Heels, Jennyx

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