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Katie Has A Crush… Chapter Two

If you missed chapter one of this erotic story by Katie Gardner, you can read it HERE.

Chapter Two


Without a sip of alcohol, I already feel a little tipsy on the concoction of hormones coursing totter my way back home from the off licence, my impossibly high heels turning heads every step of the way. Oh, to be such a femme fatale. Deliciously sexy.

Entering the foyer to the apartment complex, I see the girl again, now lying on the floor, painting the underside of the steps. With a bottle or red in one hand, and instant coffee embarrassingly my other,  she glances indifferently to see me, and not at my best! The short cropped blonde hair peeking out from her baseball cap, I see that she’s a mess, covered in dust and paint. No. She’s dirty. Very dirty. Remember Mary Stuart Masterson, the drummer Tom Boy in ‘Some Kind Of Wonderful’? That’s the vibes she was giving off. And damn, I had a massive crush on her when I was a teen and discovering my own unique sexuality. I realised that I may be helpless in the presence of this creature, all dungarees, tight Tee’s and dirty to boot.

My lady cock begins to swell in my silky lace panties. Clearly I am feeling dirty too. Dare I take the risk?

Like a panther, I stalk over to my prey, feeling the sensation of my black silk skirt coolly caressing my ten denier hold up stockings. Oh, this feeling is always divine.

Leaning against the wall, giving her the best possible view of my legs and heels, I wondered if this girl could be tempted? I angled my knee slightly, so that just a hint of the lace hold ups of the black stockings were visible below my hem line. An open invitation every girl knows will get a response.

I hold up the wine and a jar of instant from the off licence. ‘Coffee or red?’

So close now, I can breathe in her scent. She has been working hard and her body has the aroma of lithe muscles being worked relentlessly. Feeling a little heady, I realised I was flushing because I wanted to taste her so badly now.

‘That’s OK, I am nearly done’, she decline, ‘but thank you.’ She brushed me away with a sweet smile.

‘Oh, OK, sorry’ I stammered. She smiled again. ‘Anything else?’ she questioned, followed by a cavernous, awkward pause, ‘or, can I finish the painting?’

Backing away now, deflated, I responded, ‘Yes of course. Sorry. If you change your mind, I am in eleven, upstairs’.

She nodded, smiled again, and returned to her painting.

Climbing the stairs, I allow myself a goodbye glance.

She is impossibly cute and toned, her midriff just showing beneath her tight white top. Her breasts were almost flat, but OMG, I could just make out through the white cotton of her top that her she has pierced nipples. Oh my, I struggle for breath. I wondered if she could sense my aching gaze that wanted to bite, lick, squeeze and taste every dirty inch of her. She sure didn’t act as though she could.

Oh my god, such a missed opportunity. How those pierced nipples would have felt in my mouth.

Keys in the door now, I thought, ‘fuck this, I am going to do an Instagram fashion shoot in front of the mirror with a large glass of red’.

To be continued…

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Kisses In Heels, Jennyx

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