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Katie Has A Crush… Chapter Four

If you missed chapter three of this erotic story by Katie Gardner, you can read it HERE.

Chapter Four


‘So I dare you to…’ Sara playfully offers, her words hanging in the air like pheromones. She hesitates, pretending to consider what her dare could be. I know she already has this all planned out though. This game IS the game.

Sat across from me in her armchair, she is a vision of sensual femininity, toned and lithe, petite and impish. Her short cropped blonde hair perfectly balances with her innocent doe like eyes, enhanced by deep eye shadow and perfect mascara. Her fingers gently play with metal of her nipple piercings, the scarlet of her freshly painted fingernails contrasting with her pale skin exquisitely.

Naked, for her big black and little dirty work-boots, she is my fantasy come true. Of course I had no idea she was my perfect fantasy until this very moment.

Her gaze turns toward me, disarming and arousing all at once.

‘OK I have it. Are you ready for your dare?’ she smoulders.

My heart pounding now, I nod.

‘You have long legs, and I love your stockings. Lace topped I can see. I am going to enjoy stroking them very soon.’ She ginned naughtily, tipping her head down slightly to enjoy this moment like an innocent schoolgirl. ‘But first, I dare you. I dare you. I dare you to open your legs. I want to see everything. I want you to place one leg over each arm of the chair. Pull down your panties slightly and show me what you have been hiding from me.’


I freeze in excitement.

‘Well?’ she teases ‘are you going to do it for me? I won’t ask again’.

Fuck it. I am a filthy slut at heart so I can do this.

Locking eye contact I hitch up my skin tight black dress and kick a leg over one arm of the chair. Sara breathes deeply as I regain control. With ease, I slide my other leg over the other arm of the chair. Looking down at my long legs, I see my cock pushing hard against the black satin of my panties.

Slowly and oh so deliberately, I reach into my silken haven, grip the shaft of my cock and slide it out. Unconsciously I begin to slowly ride my hand up and down the shaft, teasing the soaked tip with my thumb. Never for a second do I break the electric eye contact with Sara.

I have never felt so open and vulnerable and completely feminine. I am in heaven, my legs splayed and my cock centre of attention, wanting and waiting for her. 

Sara let’s out an involuntary gasp, ‘Oh, you have a rather gorgeous lady cock. I wonder what we can do with that?’

She then mirrors me, opening herself up, a leg over each of her chair arms. Pale white and shaved, I watch as her right hand slips expertly between the lips of her pussy, and slowly begins her ritual to orgasm. Her other hand, still playing with her nipple piercing, reaches up and slips into her mouth. She alows herself a moment to close her eyes and speeds up her fingering of her clit. Again she opens her eyes with a deep and pleasing growl.

For a moment we wank ourselves sensually, gently and gaze upon each other.

Abruptly, Sara announces. ‘My turn, I choose truth! Ask me a question.’

I smile. I know exactly what to ask. ‘Are you going to wank me off, and suck me off while I gaze into those beautiful eyes?’

She giggles. ‘Well. Let me think. If that’s what you want. Yes. Yes I think I will wank you off, and suck you off. But. Here’s the surprise. I am going to take my time. I am going to spend at least an hour working your gorgeous lady cock before I allow you to come. And when you do, I want you to come on me like the dirty slut I know you are.’

OMFG! Again. I mean how many times can I scream it in my head? OMFG!!!!

‘OK, my turn’, I am starting to lose control, ‘Dare. What’s my dare?’

Sara smiles innocently, climbs down from her chair and slinks over on all fours. Within seconds she is between my legs and I feel her hot breath on my cock as she coarsely whispers to me.

‘Your dare, my lover, your dare, is to keep your hands off your cock, and not move for the next hour. You are mine now. And I am going to spend all my time breathing on your cock. Then gently touching your cock. If you are lucky, wanking your cock. If you are a good girl, then licking your cock. And if you are very bad, then sucking you off until you beg me to allow you to come. I will be very slow though. It will drive you crazy. And you won’t come for at least an hour.’ Again, she plays innocent, giving me her huge and sensual doe eyes. ‘And all this time I am going to demand you keep eye contact with me. I am going to start on your legs though, so long and pretty in these black stockings…’

Her fingers ride up and down my inner thighs and I feel electricity sparking at her touch across my nylons.

‘Your hour starts now…’

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