A woman with red nail polish on her face.

Is the anything more sexy than scarlet finger nails?

I am a visual gurl.

I love to drink in with my eyes. I love lingering eye contact. It’s sooo sexy. But more on eyes, and makeup soon. Today I am focusing on a detail I find so arousing, it’s hard to even write about.

Red painted finger nails. Scarlett. Sexy. Elegant. Slutty and oh so feminine.

There is nothing more sensual, erotic and femme than fingers with red nails that are oh so slowly exploring our most private and intimate places.

Excuse me while I hyperventilate for a moment.

OK. I am back.

For practical reasons I choose fake nails that are removable. I can switch up in a moment and can also switch my identity just as fast.

Taking my time to dress up in my favourite black, lace top stockings. My red heels. And a cute skirt… then looking down to see my own hands with red nails stroking and squeezing and playing…. Oh my!

It’s only bettered when it’s someone else whose nails, and if I am honest, longer nails, are caressing me. To see it with my sense of eyesight. To feel it with my sense of touch.

A close-up of a hand with red nails touching a black lace fabric on a leg, against a red sequined background.

Taste? And explain this to me. Why do fingers actually taste better with red nails? Maybe it’s because of where those fingers have just been? And then there is the associated aroma. Ohhhh my.


To see her hands running up my legs, the feel of fingers and nails on the nylons… The eye contact as she wraps those vermilion tipped fingers around my lady cock.

I could stay here for hours and hours.

I do hope you share this love of scarlet nails with me.

Oh so intense.

Now I need to go and put some on and well, you know. Why not do the same gorgeous? And listen to my free erotic audiobook as you do. It’s very hot and only for gurls like you and me.

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Now. Back to my scarlet nails and writing.

See you later.

Kisses in heels.

Jenny x

3 thoughts on “Is the anything more sexy than scarlet finger nails?”

  1. Jenny, you’re a gurl after my own heart. Red fingernails and toenails are hallmarks of all my main characters. There is definitely something sexy and arousing about them. Even before seeing the rest, to know a gurl has red nails … mmm. x

    1. I am sure there is something culturla here as we are both on the same Island and it’s not the America’s – where it does feel very different. And yes I adore red nails, dark scarlett and vermilllion. Oh my! #faints!

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