A woman dressed in lingerie and a mask reclines on an ornate sofa, set against a dark textured background.

We Are All So Different, And Yet The Same… My love of nylons and heels

What makes me me? Yes I adore wearing my clothes. Skirts, Dresses. Heels. Stockings.

But I differ to others in so much as I don’t need to wear panties of a bra. Nylons, heels and short hemline are enough to do it for me.

Nor do I need wigs or makeup. Though I am smitten with girls who have deep eyeshadow, sculted eyebrows and pulled back hair.

And wearing red nails is divine for me too.

You see, I am a visual creature.

What I can see, is what triggers me.

That ephemeral thing that I am so enamoured with. Dressing up as my true self and sharing with broad minded girlies.

To be with other girls, similarly dressed, well that is explosively erotic for me.

These are themes and ideas I explore in my books. It’s what turns me on, And apparently it does the same for many of my readers too.

It’s one reason I am also obsessed with the recent craze for girls getting changed in front of a phone and posting on social media. The GRWM phenomena is so delightful for me personally, I could spend all day just trapped in a closet with these girls, their clothes and a camera. Maybe that’s my next book!

What do you think? What is your preference? Do you enjoy watching GRWM videos on social media?


Back to writing!


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