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I Adore High Heels… And I Have A New Obsession

Ever since the very first time I slid my foot (stockinged foot in black ten denier nylons of course) into a high heeled shoe that fit me, I have been obsessed. Nothing on earth makes me feel more sensual, erotic and feminine than a gorgeous pair of heels. I have mastered strutting around in the highest of heels of course, but I prefer to wear them while on my back. What gurl doesn’t?

I have too many pairs too.

The internet is to blame.

All of them divine and deliriously naughty.

I particularly love black calf length boots, paired with black ten denier lace top stockings. Red patent heels too, a good six inches with platforms and closed toe.

And I love to be filmed and photographed too. So much so I am pondering if I should setup a very naughty OnlyFans page, to show off all my shoes and clothes and perform for you with my girlfriends. Would you like that?

Oh my!

Anyway, I also have a new obsession.

These chunky black heels combined with the cute skirt and whit socks.

OMFG I may faint!

Sadly they don’t make them in my size, but I am now scouring the interwebs for some that will fit me, so my shoe collection can expand from huge to engorged. I would love to film them for you with some very intense extra action. Erotic. Sensual. Feminine. Naughty.

What are you favourite shoes to wear? Do tell!


A woman in a black dress and high heeled shoes laying on a white background.

2 thoughts on “I Adore High Heels… And I Have A New Obsession”

  1. Oh well my 5 inch black patent stilettos with double ankle straps are my favourite just love strutting around in them just love the feeling of ankle straps against my stockings x

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