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Be Your Evil Self: Ten Reasons Why Writing Erotica Made Me A Better Writer

I work in the creative industries as a writer. But now, I am also an accidental erotic author. By no means prolific. Yet. But most of all, I am adoring the process.

And it’s the process, that as writers, we all need to love.

And so, in black nylon, red platform shiny heels, and the shortest of skirts, I present to you my ten reasons why writing smut has elevated my writing and career, and why if YOU are a writer, you should consider doing the same.

Be Your Evil Self! Mwahhhahahaha!
Well maybe not evil, but certainly naughty, wicked and delightfully depraved. Write like no-one will ever read it I say. It’s enormously liberating and the process immediately revealed where I was holding back in my day job writing. There’s just something about writing from your deepest, darkest and most carnal self that ignites a new passion for wordsmithing with wild abandon. And that infectious energy immediately seeped into all my writing, daring me to take bigger story risks, told through more audacious characters. Evil cackles! O.M.G. writing became addictive again.

So. Many. Words.
I was unaware of how my lexicon of chosen language had diminished. Erotica forced me back to the thesaurus. Yes, there are many kinky acts that we can imagine and write, but when you get down to it, there’s a very clear and repetitive pattern to most sexy action. Even the players are often in the same aroused states and similar situations. This is a quandary for erotic writers. How do we deal with repetition, while also needing to be extraordinarily evocative and fresh? This has caused me to fall in love with words again. Not just the re-discovery of new words, but also how those words string together in order to continually evoke the sensual and erotic. Trust me, writing erotica that feels original, from scene to scene, is like going to the writers gym. It will make you a more creative, inventive and percussive writer.

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I Got Over Myself and MY Writing
There’s no getting away from it, to write erotica you will end up writing tropes, clichés and often use cheesy language. And you know what? That’s OK. I will go one further. Most readers will love you for leaning into the familiar, at least sometimes. Getting the job done with some erotic flair and kinky tension far outweighs great sensual prose that takes forever to get penned. This was a HUGE lesson for me. Tell the story. Yes! And do it with zing too. But do it now. Do it fast. And GET IT DONE!

Additional Income
Self publishing can bring an additional income. I am not making much, between $50 and $100 a month. But that’s also getting paid for doing something I adore. And it comes in pretty much every month. Scale it up as some writers do, and a solid years work could easily result in a full time, well paid life as a writer. Doing this also flexes the writing muscle, so when it comes to other writing, I always feel more inspired and less afraid of a blank page.

Tension baby, tension
If there’s one thing writing erotica will teach you, it’s how to sustain tension. Sexual tension in this case, but tension nonetheless. This is like a superpower when it comes to storytelling. The ability to sustain a taught, thrilling and arresting moments, then know when and exactly how to allow them to fully climax, is what makes a ripping yarn so satisfying. I was personally staggered at how this transformed my writing in other domains. Hold… Hold… Hold… HOLD…. Release… Satisfaction baby, SAT-IS-FACTION…! And breathe… Restart!

The Discipline Of Genre and Tone
I write in a VERY specific niche. I do not wander outside of that niche. As such I must be disciplined to tell the stories that my audiences will consume avidly. And that’s a specific audience too, one that I am actively connected with via my website, socials and email lists. Practicing this discipline to write inside a niche in erotica has subsequently disciplined me so that in my writing day job, I now drill right down into genre, tone and format of my other scripts. I now have the focus to write for a VERY specific audience. This is something I never committed to before, usually choosing to follow my muse, often down dead ends and into unfocussed scripts and unfinished first drafts.

Not to put too finer point on it, erotica is not known for deep, meaningful themes, prose, subplots or characters. As such, I have begun to really elevate the main plot in these stories and GET ON WITH IT. In my other writing, I now do this and get to a first draft super fast. Yes, I do go back and deepen characters and themes, but I am doing this from a solid working draft. This is a gamechanger.

Websites, Socials and Marketing
Having an erotica author alter-ego has allowed me to play around with websites, socials and email lists. I can do things I would never do with my vanilla writing day job. And I have learned so much from those risks that I have taken as my alter ego. Many erotic authors suggest that socials and websites are meaningless. They may be right. For me though, these assets are a creative playground and a place to connect with my fans. Yes, I have fans. I KNOW!

Like episodic telly, erotica tends to be written fast and to deadlines. There’s rarely time for a full redraft, so you got to get it kinda right in draft one. Then a polish, before putting it out. Erotica is short too, the most prolific and successful writers putting out a book out a week. Yes, these books are short, usually around 30 to 90 pages, but hey, they are publishing once a week. That’s some writing muscle there! The discipline to write fast and on target is another writers superpower.

The Love Of Writing
It’s not for everyone, but I adore writing erotica. It’s hot. It’s super hot when close friends offer feedback and share how they got hot under the collar too. When fans email you to tell you how much they connected with the characters, situations and events it’s a thrill and never gets old. This feedback has reignited my passion for writing, which previously felt lonesome and only ever rewarded with extensive notes to change everything!  


My final thought is this. If you enjoy erotica in any way. Get writing and publishing. It’s tremendously rewarding, liberating and can make money. And isn’t that what every writer wants?

Jenny x

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