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Welcome to my news

Welcome to the news section of my site.

During the pandemic last year I decided it was time to write down some of my adventures from the naughties. I came to London in 2002, looking for love, brimming with excitement and a great deal of unexplored sexuality.

What I found, rather who I found was a circle of people who would be easy to characterise as friends with benefits of fuck buddies. But they were so much more. They we like family, open minded and accepting. Adventurous and up for anything once… actually frequently more than once. They became lovers, mentors and guides into the very darkest, warmest and divine recesses of my sexuality.

This is the story I will share, serialised over a number of books.

I love writing erotica now. I find it intoxicating, arousing and alluring. Reliving my experiences has been an adventure for me and I invite you to join me in devouring those pages. I hope the books deliver as much stimulation for you as you read them, as it did for me as I wrote them.

I would love your feedback too, so do please join our members page for access to additional stories, images and audio.

Love to you all. I look forward to us spending time together in our imaginations.

Durty girls, all of us.

Kisses in heels.

Jenny Raven x

The initiation of hannah an erotic transsexual odyssey by jenny raven.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my news”

  1. Unlike you, my stories are fantasy-based and tell what I’d love to do, rather than what I have done. Yes, I’m happy to say that within the tales I’ve been able to sneak in a few experience from my past, but nothing has happened in more recent years … and I would so love to get dressed up and let my inner gurl be taken and used by a like-minded person.
    I’ve read and enjoyed First Time, so I’m now looking forward to reading the other two stories, and getting inside you.x

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