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Music, I need pounding music! What is my writing routine?

I get asked this a lot and I wish that I was a super disciplined writer, but I am not. Though I do tend to dress for writing, in stockings, heels and a cute dress.

Ideas usually percolate for some time before I get to the word processor, and then it kind of streams out of my in a few sittings.

Sometimes, I am surprised when new or old characters make unexpected appearances, but the overall arc of the story remains the same.

I do enjoy bringing in characters from other stories, Ruby being a firm favourite, with Sasha coming in second. Both made appearances in my new book First Time.

I need music when I write too, usually nineties trance and dance music. I particularly enjoy Tezshouse and you can stream all their mixes from their website for free. You can do that HERE.

That pumping bass really gets me back into a time and place where I was completely free and just on the start of my sexual ‘becoming’ journey. 

Once I have the first draft down, I do a pretty big redraft, then finally pass it through Grammarly to help pick up on any errors I just cannot see. There’s usually a LOT!

Finally, I get my closest girlfriends to proof it, both for story and concept, along with checking for actual errors.

I would love this all to be faster, but the act of imagining or remembering, then writing it down, can be rather arousing. And that presents its own challenges!

Anyway, I do what I can, aiming for 2,000 to 3,000 words in any one writing session.

I hope you do enjoy my work and please do leave feedback if you do.

Kisses in heels,


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