The initiation of hannah an erotic transsexual odyssey by jenny raven.

The Initiation Of Hannah Book One: An Erotic Translesbian Journey

It’s the naughies and Hannah is on a mission to discover herself and open herself to hedonistic erotic adventure. Leaving behind her old dull life, she yearns to find her ‘people’. You see, Hannah has a deep and hidden sexual secret. And it’s on the dance floor at the School Disco nightclub that Hannah is swept into an erotic underworld that even her wildest fantasies could not rival. She was at the gates of sensual heaven and she knew it.


Join her for her feminine journey into translesbian fantasy as she is initiated into her ‘womanhood’.


Experience this deflowering of Hannah, at the fingertips, lips and ohhh lalah… of the outrageously gorgeous Sometimes Sasha, overwhelmingly feminine Isobel from Romania and bitch-leader of the pack, mesmeric and seductive Ruby.


This is book one and the start of a sensual journey for Hannah… and for your too, with all-gurl-kinks, feminization and lesbian transformation.


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9 thoughts on “The Initiation Of Hannah Book One: An Erotic Translesbian Journey”

  1. I thought Hannah could have brought one of the other girls back home to watch the video it seems a pity that she was left to wank on her own

  2. Omg – I am only half way through but the combination of the desire in your voice, and the anticipation of what is to “cum”, is so sexy and erotic.

  3. OMG first time listening to an erotic audio book, and as instructed am dressed and laying back. What an erotic ride that was. I’ve been to clubs in London before, and can vividly imagine all the scenes being played out.
    Thank you so kuchen for this erotic masterpiece 💋❤💃🔥🔥🔥

  4. What a beautiful and sexy story. My girly cock was hard for most of the story and I suspect that Hannah shares the same secret as me! I would love to know what happens when Hannah reveals herself 😊

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