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Alice in Genderland: A Crossdresser Comes of Age

Writing the full, uncensored and heartfelt biography of Jenny Raven, a project I began last year, has been at times exhilarating, often confronting, and more recently a real challenge as I face my past.

To that end I decided to see how other crossdressers have approached the writing of a biography, and I just finished reading Alice in Genderland: A Crossdresser Comes of Age by Richard Novic, aka Alice.

If you are on your own journey with crossdressing, or exploring your own gender, then the detailed, heartfelt and reflective story that Alice shares will be fascinating and inspiring to you. It’s more of a ‘discovery of who she really is’, rather than a ‘How to’ kind of book, and for me, all the better for it.

Situations, emotions and relationships resonated with me, even if mine were very different. The confusion, shame and secrecy jumped off the page, and it has given me confidence to share my journey with many other people in my life. A gift that has already paid itself back more than I ever dreamed. I have discovered many of my girl friends (GG) have also suffered trauma too, and to be able to have me open up fully and with total vulnerability, has allowed them to do the same. Not in a therapy way, or a complaining way, but a celebratory and investigative way.

Richard / Alice has found an amazing balance between themselves and I know from the survey that I am running at the moment, many of us would envy that male / female balance he / she has managed to achieve.

Perhaps the clearest message is, ‘know thine self’.

Followed by, ‘share thine self with compassion and care’.

Concluded with ‘live ones own life, not the life others dictate’.

I listened as an audiobook, and while it’s quite long, for us gurls, it’s compelling, captivating and inspirational. Honestly I didn’t want it to end. Always balanced, never overly dramatic, and filled with compassion. I recommend it as a great way to reflect on who we are and what we really desire in life.

Five stars from the inner Tranny in me (yeah I know it’s GenX language but I don’t care).

Jenny Raven

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