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GRWM… The Trend Sweeping Socials That Triggers The Girlie Girl In Me

I adore dress-up. 

I suspect it began when I was around five, but really took hold in my teens.

The ritual of choosing an outfit, then enjoying the process of slowly getting dressed, each step feminising myself that bit more… It’s really too much! #faints

The ritual is even more mind blowing when shared with a girlfriend.

Oh my, it’s hard to breathe just thinking about it.

Slightly boozy for Dutch courage. Then there’s the naughty giggles. The fake shock faces. The curious gaze. The truths spoken between us. All happen BECAUSE we are sharing the dress up ritual. Pulling on stockings. Applying red nail polish. More booze. An accidental kiss.

Truth be known, we were never going out.

It’s either the sofa later for a deeper girl-friend chat.

Or the bedroom for naughty girl-friend play.  

I don’t know about you but my social feeds are filled with girls doing the GRWM ritual. Get Ready With Me.

It began as a makeup tutorial trend, but has since evolved into getting dressed.

Effectively dress up on Instagram.

I adore spending time with these girls, and I am thrilled that this season, the clothing styles really feed into my own personal desires and tastes.

Silver sequins. Short black party dresses. Chunky heels. Calf length boots. Black nylons, an absolute must for me. Even the styling of eyebrows is intoxicatingly feminine ATM.

WhatVeroWears is my current distraction. Tall, elegant and gorgeous. Oh my, I would die if I ever got to play dress up with her!

I do hope you enjoy these videso too, it offers in a privelidged insight into the wardrobe of gorgous women and I only wish this had existed when I was a teen.

So delightful!

Kisses in heels

Jenny Raven x

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