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Instagram thinks I am a very naughty gurl.: How I Got Banned Four Times… and Counting

I adore Instagram.

Sharing all my very naughty thoughts, and on occasion, fantasies from my readers (along with their photos, or images that match their deliciously smutty desires).

Sadly, Instagram does not feel the same about me.

Instagram thinks I am a very naughty gurl.

Well. Maybe that’s true.  

I am on my fourth account now, the first three having been banned. The first lasted a few days until it was shut down. I was an Instavirgin and was a little wild. I admit it.

The second got to a couple of thousand followers before being shut down too.

The third account, and I became quite cautious with what I posted. Randomly some posts would be flagged, and I would take them down, after which I was re-granted ‘full privileges’.

And I managed to pass 10k followers before yet again, getting shut down for community guideline violations.

I am clearly a very filthy young lady.

My current account has just passed 4k followers and grows daily. I have no doubt it will at some point get shut down too, and again I will need to start from zero. (follow me HERE)


So, I thought I would share a couple of my more popular posts and some of the comments, so that you can judge for yourself if I am too smutty, or not smutty enough! I know the answer of course!

Current Like Count: 1,307

heiti_hi – She is so excited because she knows stockings and high heels makes you extra hard! 😻

jessicacain47 – Maybe it’s not the heels and stockings, but the strap instead. 😉🤭🥰

kipfrank304 – Because of the silky feeling, love it

mis_du_du2820 – Totally agree ❤️why does stockings and high heels make it so hot and sexy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

houghton721 – She is excited because she knows that I have become the woman I have always wanted and destined to be and she loves me for who I am ❤️❤️❤️❤️

_jesus_saved_me1_ – You are getting me ha-red💋😍

jsebmatt – I knoooww bby …just by imagining u also makes me so h…😋😜

Current Like Count: 1,115

tarakhanna11133 – Yes I am ready to obey you

richardgross209 – OhMy that would be lovely🙏🙏🩷

deadpools__unicorn_2.0 – Yes mam🔥
9 w

cordiallink- Yes please 😢

engineco38 – sign me up ❤

claytonkent1980 – I will wear all of that and much more for her ❤️🌹❤️


Current Like Count: 1,026

mis_du_du2820 – Love that, one day it will take place ❤️❤️❤️❤️

houghton721 – This is one of my ultimate fantasies ❤️❤️

bodylover869 – Sexy

en_femme_domme – My heart skipped a beat with desire

Current Like Count: 485

bellawinter782 – It was life changing for me and I try to wear hosiery every day

kevinewing63 – What a wonderful beautiful memory, thank you for bringing it to my heart ♥️

priyanshi_siss – It felt absolutely amazing

tixxatv – I felt amazing. A feeling that’s never left me

fredfreutel – Felt the same way

stephanietartetv – Absolutely amazing feeling that has never left me

ambi_riderr – I like feeling pretty

Please do give me a follow. I promise to continue to be delightfully delinquent.

Follow me HERE.


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