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What are your favourite heels? Choose here…

I have too many pairs of shoes. What gurl doesn’t? But let’s be clear. Nothing on planet earth makes a gurl feel sexier, look hotter and helps get herself all ruffled and ready for fun, than her favourite pair of heels.

The higher the better. So long as there’s not ,much walking. And there’s usually not.

The shinier the better. Red or black of course. Patent.

Sometimes, shocking pink, then it’s white lace top stockings and an explosive dress with layer upon layer of crinoline, so much I can get lost in it.

Strappier is always a bonus of course.

As is knee high for boots.

And ALWAYS accompanied by black ten denier lace top stockings and a cute miniskirt or body hugging body con black sequin dress.

Getting 2,000 words out and onto the page when dressed in these heels is both an erotic accelerant as well as a limitation. By 2,000 words I am usually so overwhelmed by sensual energy, my feet are up on the desk, the heels locking onto the desktop, legs parted wide and… well you know the rest…

I present to you my three favourite set of heels, all by OnlyMaker as they do the best quality, designs and most importantly, are available in big gurl sizes for sluts like me.

So here they are… ALL gorgeous and waiting for you gurl!

Mary Jane Stiletto, soooooooo my favourite. I have in shocking pink, black AND red! Gurls gotta wear what a gurls gotta wear. Best worn with white lace top stockings and many layers of crinolin! Get them here.


Pink high heeled shoes — stock photo.

Next up and brace yourself ladies… Only maker Women’s Knee High Platform Boots Lace Up High Shaft and Side Zipper Heeled Stiletto … now THESE boots always bring out the slut in me. The feel great, the look dirty pretty and I feel every inch a woman in them. Divine. I own two pairs, wine read (favourite) and of course black. I have a matching wine red maxi dress with sequins that is my outfit of choice. Ohhh la lahhh! Get them here…


A group of women's high heeled boots on a white background.

Third and by no means least, my most sensible shoes. Only maker Women’s High Heel Platform Boots Point Toe Front Lace Up Stiletto Ankle Bootie… Dominance and staying power are how I feel in these delightfully shiny shoes. I have in red and I do like to cross my legs while wearing them. I can often last 3,000 words in these shoes as everything becomes slower and more sensual. Get yours here…

A pair of red high heel shoes on a white background.

OK that’s enough writing now, I am simply tooooo excited and will now retire to enjoy myself. I hope you buy a pair too, and follow my lead.

Kisses in heels. Always.

Jenny Raven x

2 thoughts on “What are your favourite heels? Choose here…”

  1. I’m a lover of black stiletto sandals so that red toenails can be seen hiding inside the toe of my black stockings. I love the sensation and excitement of an ankle strap, as if it were telling me that I couldn’t get them off in a hurry … and I could get ‘caught’ wearing them.
    All that said, I love those black stiletto-heeled boots. x

    1. I adore boots and that becam a kink for me later in life too. No idea why. Alwasy fascinated by the exposure of flesh between boots, stockings, then a skirt and panties. So explosed and also so hidden. Phew! x

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