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Meet The Author: Jenny Raven

I have written to many of my author friends who also write erotica for us gurls, and asked them to do a short interview. I want to help platform talent in our creative community, and help connect readers with writers. So I guess I should go first?

 So meet, well, me,  Jenny Raven

When did you start writing books, and what inspired you?

I have been a writer all of my life and have written in all genres and styles and under different names. I first broke into writing for magazines and even managed to write features for magazines like Elle and Marie Claire. That was many years ago now. Jenny Raven took centre stage a year or so ago when I decided to share some of my personal stories from my cross-dressing life.

I have been fortunate as I have met many people who have not just entertained my kink, but also engaged with it. It’s been very sexy and fun reliving that and dramatizing it. I always say, ‘every word I write is true, except the ones I have made up’. It’s all based on truth, just squeezed, amped up, edited, and, of course, names are all changed.

What was the first book that you wrote?

I wrote a series of erotic shorts about six years ago as part of a series for a book that never happened. I published a few on my blog. My first book was The Initiation of Hannah, based on my own experiences with new friends in 2002 and 2003. It really came out in one erotic flurry as I recalled, dramatized, merged people, compressed time and got back in bed with Ruby, Sasha and Isobel. The most difficult part was meeting my writing target each day as writing erotica can get, well, you know. Hard.

Why did you decide to become an author?

I love the process of memory and imagination being made real through language.

What has been the high point of your career?

I have written a book under a different name that sold 500,000 copies, which was amazing. Right now, I am deliriously thrilled that I am writing books that people like me seem to connect with. I adore chats on Instagram and getting emails after people say how much they enjoyed the stories.

The initiation of hannah an erotic transsexual odyssey by jenny raven.

What are your favourite stories to write?

I do enjoy writing the sexual scenes most. I love how I take it to a place and then tease it out further. All the tension in the build-up is so delicious. I do linger over my description of clothing, too, as cross-dressing is intimately tied to clothes, how they look, how they feel when worn, and what person I inhabit when wearing six-inch heels and black stockings, for instance.

How do you keep your ideas and stories fresh?

I listen to my friends and integrate their kinks, so long as they stay within my kinky scope too. This is because my friends are such a great source of smutty ideas and feedback.

Do you have a writing routine?

I like to dress up for my writing as it helps me speak in a more feminine and erotic voice. On a good day, I can manage 2,000 words. I tend to just write the scenes I like first, then often work backwards rather than starting from the first scenes. I am also dyslexic so I rely on readers and tools like Grammarly. I also use text to speech program to hear it read aloud, which really helps. I also listen to dance and trance music LOUD when I write, it gets me into a highly charged state of erotic arousal. I heard about erotic energy some time ago, and that’s what I use. It’s kind of like sexy caffeine. Delicious.

What’s the secret to a strong title and great cover art?

Before anyone reads one of my stories, they will see the book cover and likely read the synopsis. This is why they need to be strong. I do a lot of work making sure they are the most evocative they can be and often test different artwork and titles. Amazon is quite strict too. Sexy but not too sexy when it comes to artwork, titles and synopsis.

Do you enjoy hearing from readers?

I do. I love it. I think it’s because I get who they are. No one chooses to be like us. It’s how life made us. And sometimes, that can be tough. So I choose to be kind and enthusiastic about them, their kinks and their sometimes deep need to just share. I also love reading feedback and reviews, and they often make it to my website too.

Which authors inspire you?

Strangely it’s authors like Stephen King I admire most. His writing is quite direct, and I like that a lot. I really admire all my prolific sisters who are writing on Amazon too. It’s no mean feat to write and publish and turnaround a book in weeks. I salute them all!

How much of your work is based on personal experience versus fantasy?

Most of my work is based on personal experience (MORE HERE). Not all. And often, it’s compressed down for dramatic reasons, and lots of bridging stories are invented to get one thing to connect to another. But the foundations are all based on a life I lived, not so much now, though. I wish. I dress regularly and am lucky to have gurls and girls in my life to enjoy that with.

Do your friends and family know that you are an erotic author? If so, how did they react when they found out?

There are only a few people in my life who know I am an erotic author. They LOVE reading them and howl with laughter at my writing sometimes. They are also my first row of proofreaders, so I am grateful for their help. I have told a few friends who are also authors. Most of my family would be surprised, I am sure, and Ruby often jokes that when I die, they will discover this entire smutty empire that they will inherit. Hilarious.

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What mistakes have you made in your career?

Marketing is the greatest challenge, and not putting enough energy into it.

What have been your personal triumphs?

In an erotic sense, it would be the first time that I shared with a girl about my kink, and she didn’t reject or run. In fact, she asked me to dress for her and gave me the space for us both to explore it safely
and sexually. It was one of the most euphoric experiences of my life. We are still in touch, though she lives in Australia now.

What advice would you offer a writer who wants to embark on a successful erotica career?

Just get writing and let your fantasy pour out and onto the page. Your writing will inevitably improve, as will all related skills, such as writing a synopsis and choosing artwork. Write because you want to.
It’s too hard to do it just for the money. Plus read all these interviews, it’s a goldmine of experience.

2 thoughts on “Meet The Author: Jenny Raven”

  1. This is a great springboard for the guest interviews, and I’m so impressed by the frank and genuine delivery. The questions and the appropriate responses really say that what you see is what you get, and that’s not always true in the ‘scene’. Unfortunately, I’m one of those who indulges rarely and secretly, but it’s wonderful to know that you’ve been there, done that, and so on.
    I love what you’ve created as your alternative self, and I also love this website and how you’ve developed it with fellow authors of Kink.
    By the way, I’ve now read and loved First Time: A Feminisation Fantasy. I’ve downloaded and, in the next few days, will read The Initiatioin of Hannah, and Ruby’s Rose.
    My Amazon KDP account is in my true author name, so I can’t review it as Katya, which is regrettable.
    Keep up the great work. xx

    1. Thank you that means so much to me. Please do email me a quote and I will add to the site and reciprocate. Rubys Rose is quite short, Initiation longer, and I REALLY should write the final book where things get WILD! So thrilled you are enjoying thm. As you say in your interview, there’s nothing better than hearing from a reader that they enjoy your work. I must read some of yours now too!

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