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Meet The Author: Lilly Lustwood

Lilly Lustwood is a transgender woman who writes Sissification, Feminization, and Transgender Romance based on her memoirs. When she’s not writing, she studies astrology, feng shui, and new-age spirituality.

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When did you start writing erotica books and what was your inspiration for it?

My love for sex, haha, xo.

What was your first book that you wrote?

It’s in a different genre for teens. I’m not sure if I should mention it.

Why did you decide to become an author?

Story-telling and opening people’s minds to the unknown.

What has been the high point of your career?

It’s too early to be a has-been hihi, I’m just getting started. Every day is a high point, ever yday exceeds yesterday.

What are your favourite stories to write?

Feminization, sissification, transgender romance, and anything that deals with transformation.

What makes your heart race as a reader, and also a writer?


What is your favorite book that you have written?

Everything’s my favorite, I can’t choose.

What is your best selling book, and do you know why it sells so well?

My author friend Nikki Crescent AKA the queen of transgender romance helps me do rituals in the woods. We both love the occult and using stones, crystals, and offerings. We also write our own spells for fun.

How do you keep your ideas and stories fresh?

Books, movies, news, friends, family, everything, even a simple tree can be a source of inspiration.

Do you have a writing routine?

Yes, if I’m not sleeping I’m writing.

What’s the secret to a strong title and great cover art?

I don’t know I just follow my heart.

Do you enjoy hearing from readers?

Of course, my readers’ stories are always entertaining.

Which authors inspire you?

Yumi Cox got me into writing erotica and Nikki Crescent whips my bum to shape.

How much of your work is based on personal experience versus fantasy?

Most of my books are realistic, so I’d say 80%

Do you friends and family know that you are an erotic author? If so, how did they react when they found out?

No, it’s better to keep some things private.

What mistakes have you made in your career?

No mistakes, just lessons.

What have been your personal triumphs?

I don’t like has been and have been, I’m just getting started, xo.

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