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Meet The Author: Keary Hayes

Keary is a writer from London, England who loves writing steamy, romantic, erotic, transgender fiction for her beautiful readers. Having spent her formative years lost in books and comics, she learnt to escape from dreary reality by taking flight into lands of fantasy.

Experiencing her first tinglings of kink while watching cartoon heroes and heroines being tied up by the villains, she became fascinated by the many and varied forms of love and sex, and so set out to share her scintillating fantasies through erotica. Her favourite themes include: Domination, transformation, feminization, cross-dressing, sissification, submission, humiliation, corruption, hypnosis, bondage, and many more.

Keary believes that the route to happiness and joy lies in accepting yourself and your nature.

NOTE from Jenny: Keary has just had her latest book, Glory Holed, consigned to the Amazon dungeon.

This is a back handed compliment from Amazon of course. The writing is so hot that it needs to be hidden in searches.

So. Lovers. If you adore her work, and you should, you can get Glory Holed on this link HERE.

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When did you start writing books and what was your inspiration for it?

I started writing horror short stories when I was in my teens (I’m a massive gothy horror nerd at heart), and had a few of those published in magazines and produced as podcasts (under a different pen name). I then wrote a few novels and novellas. I’ve always been “kinky”, but it wasn’t until later, at the encouragement of my lovely partner, that I combined my love of writing and “kink”, and since I myself dwell under the trans umbrella, it seemed only natural that I’d express that part of myself in my erotica too. And here I am!

What was your first book that you wrote?

First ever? Oh I’ve no idea. Probably some silly made up fairy tale adventure. My first published erotica though was “Collaring the Pet Sitter”. My writing is a little different now, and veers between pure smut and what I hope is something sweeter, but I try to make everything I write queer/sex positive. I do still look back on the one that started it all very fondly though that one.

Why did you decide to become an author?

I never really thought I could be a writer. I’ve always written, but “writer” seemed almost mystical to me growing up (and we are, we magic up whole worlds out of will alone!), so I ended up in a very different career. I kept writing though, and one day I figured I’d trying having something published, for fun, and once I had my first story accepted I realised I’d been a writer all along. I think there’s something so remarkable about all those artists out there who work and toil just for the joy of it, never having their work read or seen or heard. So I guess to answer the question, I never really “decided”, more discovered it’s part of who I am. It was something I was simply because I kept authoring works, whether someone read them or not.

What has been the high point of your career?

I’ve had the odd bit of “fan mail” and I love every message I get, but the first message I got from someone telling me my books had helped them “accept themselves” and explore who they were in a positive, mindful way, really touched me. I felt really encouraged by that.

What are your favourite stories to write?

I love writing either really sappy, sweet queer romance books with a positive tone about acceptance (and I know its a good one if I get tearful while writing it) but I also really love writing kink heavy transformation stories that almost veer into the territory of body horror (I’ve had to heavily edit some of my stories on reading them back realising they were a bit too heavy on the body horror front!). I think that pretty much sums me up though—part hopeless romantic, and part cruel mommy Domme deviant.

What is your favorite book that you have written?

That’s such a hard one! I think Becoming the Prom Queen though. It started out as a Femdom heavy story, but then ended up being quite sweet and uplifting (thought still with a little dash of Femdom!). I think writing that and reading some of the messages I got after releasing it let me know it was okay to put a bit more sweetness into what I write, so now I’m enjoying writing some softer romance stories (still filthy of course) while also getting to write utter depravity!

How do you keep your ideas and stories fresh?

I take inspiration from all kinds of things, images and things I see in real life (I live a fair bit of what I write in terms of kink and play), other stories I read and enjoy (though I don’t read much erotica as I don’t want to absorb other authors styles or ideas and end up copying, even accidentally) and sometimes even a single word will spawn a whole series of books. Often I start with the “theme” though, so do I want heavy fetish, or Femdom, do I want bimbo hypnosis, or maybe even a sweet gender-queer romance self-discovery thing, or perhaps I just want a book about someone embracing their deepest, darkest desire, or possibly even a transformation story. I try to keep my books “on brand” for me (though I’m not even sure what that is) but I also want to enjoy what I write, so I just go with where my prurient, deviant, sometimes sappy nature leads me.

A collection of pictures of sexy women in lingerie.

Do you have a writing routine?

I start each day with a dog walk, then write until I hit my word limit for the day. After that I might do other bits, but I try to finish at a sensible time so I can do the “real life” things I have to do each day to remain functional. I want to keep to a “one book every two weeks” schedule, as that seems to give me a good work/life balance. I’m very easily distracted though, so its often a battle (and I don’t always win).

What’s the secret to a strong title and great cover art?

My first covers, looking back, were not great. I think my newer ones are better, but I’m still in awe of other authors and how effortless they make good covers look. For images I try to find a simple image of someone aspirational and alluring, nothing too crowded, and something that’ll still look bold in a tiny thumbnails when people are browsing. I like snappy titles that give an idea of what to expect, no more than 3 or four words, but ideally two. That way the font can be nice and large and also read at a glance to hopefully catch the eye and intrigue prospective readers. I’ve no idea if my covers work though. Sometimes I spend ages on a cover and I love it and the book flops, other times its quick and done and I’m ambivalent about it it and the book sells well. At this point I think the phases of the moon impact how well my books sell more than my covers!

Do you enjoy hearing from readers?

YES! I spend all day alone with just a dog and a cat for company. Message me! I love hearing from you!

Which authors inspire you?

I got into writing stories because of Clive Barker and Stephen King. They still both inspire me. I loved Margaret Atwood growing up too and far too many sepculative fiction writers to mention. Generally though I find lots of writers each year who inspire me. There are many lovely authors of LGBTQIA+ romance and erotica that I adore. I’m lucky in that there’s a small, independent queer bookshop near me and they hand select all their books, so I can pretty much go in whenever I like, pick up a book, and find a new author to be inspired by!

How much of your work is based on personal experience versus fantasy?

A bit of both really. I’m trans and queer, so I’m naturally drawn to those topics and themes. I also write what excites me, and some of that is fetish/kink based, which for the sake of fantasy I simplify. However, I am actively “kinky” in my personal life (I fall very heavily on the left of the D/s slash) and I’ve been known to indulge in all sorts of things (I’m always up for trying something new). However, my one big love is rope bondage, and I’ve only ever written one book about that and people seemed a bit “meh” about it so I’m not sure I’ll ever write another one (but I’ll keep doing it behind closed doors and no one can stop me!).

Do you friends and family know that you are an erotic author? If so, how did they react when they found out?

My family don’t know, some friends do. It was hard enough to come out to them as queer and trans. I’m not ready to tell them I’m an enormous pervert just yet! (But I think some of them suspect…)

What is your best selling book, and do you know why it sells so well?

Femboy Reform School is easily my best seller. I can see why, as what’s not to love about a reform school where cute, shy, confused boys get turned into filthy, depraved, eager, happy sluts? I’ve played around with the idea of writing some sequels as people have asked, but I don’t want to keep treading the same ground. I have a few ideas though so maybe this year will be when I finally put fingers to keyboard!

What mistakes have you made in your career?

I’m AWFUL at selling myself. I’m introverted, scatter brained, and socially awkward, so I’m happiest just reading and writing. I’m trying to be better, and to engage more, but I’m not sure I’m very good at it. Definitely could have done more, and could have spent more time thinking about “marketing” and how to make my books appeal to people. Also, stick to a publishing schedule, and study the “market” to get an idea of what sells and what works, and then use that as inspiration. I also need to be less afraid to “game” the system of Amazon’s categories to get my books out to a wider audience. I’ve been inspired to work harder on my failings by talking to other authors recently, who’ve been so generous with advice and tips, and I’ve been working on addressing my imposter syndrome.

What have been your personal triumphs?

I’ve battled a lot with personal demons and unhappiness, not knowing where I fit in in the world or who I was. I’ve spent a lot of time working that out, and I actually think I’m in a good place right now and that took a lot of work and introspection, so I guess I’m proud of myself for turning up for me. I’ve got a lot of journey ahead, but I’m looking forward to it, which wasn’t something I could always say. Also, I make AMAZING vegan brownies. They’re a pretty big triumph if you ask me.

What advice would you offer a writer who wants to embark or a successful erotica career?

Write what you love. Chances are you’ll never be “rich”, but if you love what you write you’ll have enjoyed every step of the journey.

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