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Meet The Author: Clover Cox

Clover is a full time author who specialises in stories with themes around crossdressing, transgender, feminization and gender swaps.

Please meet Clover Cox…

Why did you decide to become an author?
I’ve always been a writer, even from an early age, but I didn’t decide to become an author until my junior year of university.

What are your favourite stories to write?
I love writing stories about crossdressers and trans girls, of course!

What is your favorite book that you have written?
It’s hard to say, as I love all of my books when I write them, so maybe it’s better to look at my reviews to see what the readers enjoy.

What is your best selling book, and do you know why it sells so well?
Right now, my best-selling book is My Husband, My Girl, and I feel it sells so well because there are a lot of husbands and wives out there who have dealt with their husbands’ femininity. There is a lot of stigma around crossdressing men, which is why I write books that showcase the subject with love and understanding.

How do you keep your ideas and stories fresh?
I’m inspired by everything around me, and the stories I read also inspire me. Stories usually come to me at random moments, but I keep a list of ideas to always have something to write when it comes time to start a new story.

Do you have a writing routine?
Yes, I do. Writing is my full-time job right now, so I have to keep a schedule.

Which authors inspire you?
I find inspiration from many different authors. I read a lot, and any writer who can keep my attention inspires me.

How much of your work is based on personal experience versus fantasy?
I would say there is a healthy mixture of both personal experience and fantasy. I try to write stories that will uplift and delight my readers.

What advice would you offer a writer who wants to embark on a successful erotica career?
Just do it! Read and write and repeat. If there is a story you want to share, today’s world is the perfect place to share it. There are so many different mediums and storefronts to publish books now. It’s incredible, and I always love reading stories from new authors! I read a lot of books from many different writers, and I’m always amazed by how different each author sounds on the page.

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