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Meet The Author: Charlie Quinn

My series of interviews with faboulous erotica authors continues with Charlie Quinn…

Charlie Quinn writes all kinds of exciting femdom stories, including dominated husbands, willing slaves, sissy men, and submissive boyfriends. They all adore and serve their Mistresses, as they are taught to obey and please the women in their lives. Find stories of gorgeous women locking men into chastity, dominant futas, imposed feminization, first time gay encounters, wives and their lovers ganging up on men, cuckolds, punishments and teasing, denial and service, and much much more, all between the pages of Charlie Quinn’s books.

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When did you start writing erotica books and what was your inspiration for it?

Writing technical and academic material has been my job for a few years now. I started writing fiction in the lockdowns and erotica came naturally. But my first book didn’t go quite as planned. I thought I would write a standard piece of romantic erotica where a married couple have a threesome, but the characters just wouldn’t do what I expected. Before I knew it, the side character, the ‘milf’, had taken over and was dominating the married couple and making the man into her slave.

This turned into my first book – ‘Dominated and Punished by my Wife and her Alpha Milf Lover.’ It was a very different story to what I had planned, with a lot more kinky sex and a powerful dominatrix who was in control of everything. It felt good to write it like that, and even though I didn’t feel it was very marketable, it reflected my own life experiences. So since then, it’s been femdom all the way!

Why did you decide to become an author?

I’ve always loved reading and grew up devouring anything erotic – the more taboo and transgressive, the better. Writing erotica was a lockdown experiment but it began to sell well and the more I wrote, the more I found my voice and the stories just kept coming. So it’s gone from being my ‘side hustle’ to my main occupation now. I just love the opportunity to write about what interests me and to explore my own particular kinks – sexually dominant women and the submissive men who are eager to please them.

What has been the high point of your career?

The most enjoyable moments are when I get good reviews, whether it’s simply ‘That was hot!’ or something more heartfelt about how much a book means to a reader. I also love to get emails from readers. Sometimes they suggest fantasies or ideas and I try to include these in future stories.

Domineered and punished by my alpha lover by charlie quinn.

What are your favourite stories to write?

I love stories where a man discovers that it’s okay to be submissive or to explore his sissy side and that the sex can be even hotter because of it! I like to offer an alternative to more mainstream erotica and romance that is in thrall to dominant confident men and submissive girls – so many people don’t fit that stereotype at all, and I think it is important (as well as fun) to offer different kinds of representation.

In the series Sissy (Femdom Feminization) , a burly, traditionally masculine tradesman has a hidden urge to cross-dress and he’s caught out wearing women’s clothes and punished by a strict Headmistress. This is the beginning of a very intense relationship between them where they both get to live out their fantasies of submission and control.

I like to think I can add one more facet to the endless variety of human relationships and show that female-led relationships with submissive men can be very successful and intensely sexy.

What makes your heart race as a reader, and also a writer?

In all the stories I read and write, I want kink. Lots and lots of kink. I love it when the woman takes control and the male character has his boundaries pushed hard. However taboo or forbidden it is, he secretly wants it and he knows this is the only way he’ll ever truly be satisfied. His desire is so strong that he gives in to it and allows her to do whatever she wants to him.

That leap into the unknown is so hot! In the series of standalone shorts Dominant Women Take Control , this happens to all of the men – and in each scenario, whether it’s with their muscular female personal trainer at the gym, the attractive female truck driver, the sexy doctor or the tough female cop, the women end up giving the men their very first pegging.

What is your favorite book that you have written?

I like the series The Femdom Training Center because the experiences of the main character, Duncan, make me laugh. He’s very self-satisfied and smug at the start, and the books follow his reluctant but ultimately satisfying journey into self-awareness and submission. What’s not to love about a cocky, arrogant man learning to bend over and take it?

What is your best selling book, and do you know why it sells so well?

My best-selling series is the ‘Femdom and Male Chastity’ series. Jonathan gets himself into a mess – his work life, his personal life, his love life – they all come crashing down. Then he’s rescued by a sexually dominant older woman, and that’s when things really get interesting! The series includes all my favorite things – male chastity, first time pegging, edging, cbt, queening, imposed feminization, man on man encounters and even pet play.

By the end of the series, Jonathan is in love, he’s found his place in the world and he’s taken a delightfully enjoyable and perverse revenge on those who messed things up for him at the start.

Tie him up and train him hard the fendant training center 1.

How do you keep your ideas and stories fresh?

Sometimes I write about established couples finding a new female-led dynamic in their relationship, sometimes about men in new relationships discovering their inner sissy or sub for the first time. Occasionally the focus is on something unusual for me – like in the Femdom by the Futa series, which was fun to write. But every situation suggests a new story when your mind naturally runs to kink! Being in a long work meeting inspired the series Extreme Office Femdom where Connor is in the office and receives anonymous, sexually controlling messages. The fun is in finding out who’s sending them and how far he’ll go to obey his mystery mistress (spoiler – he goes all the way!).

My most recent series is set on a college campus which offers up lots of interesting possibilities. In Book 1 ‘Bullied by Hot College Girls’ the main character, Ethan, has to dress as a girl to be smuggled into the girls’ dorm room. Well, of course becoming an accidental sissy is just the start of what happens to him once he’s in there and at the mercy of all the girls in the sorority house.

What advice would you offer a writer who wants to embark on a successful erotica career?

Follow your own kinks and write what you enjoy. As long as there’s consent, anything goes! There’s a place for all of us in this world, however non-conforming or wild our sex lives and fantasies are.

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