A person with short, styled hair and tattoos holds a camera and looks towards the viewer. Bright, out-of-focus lights and seated people are visible in the background.

Sex. Everybody wants it (apparently) by Andi the Photographer

I find myself in another place, having not had any for over 2 years. With the big 40 on the horizon, and a lot of therapy, I spend a lot of time thinking back. Possibly because it’s a lot easier than looking forward. That void of the unknown, unwritten, without any idea of how I want to live it. How I can live it. Maybe looking back can help me to look forward. Maybe then I can get some insight.

A person with long blonde hair lies on a bed wearing a pink dress and heels, smiling at the camera. A decorative pillow with a tiger pattern is visible in the background.

Meet Our Contributors… Melissa from the UK

What was your most exciting experience dressed as a girl? When I first applied make up and fully made myself up. Was struggling with my eyeshadow but by some miracle it just clicked into place. Donned my wig and put on my maids uniform and couldn’t believe how good I looked. Such a big thrill.

A person with short, styled hair and tattoos on their arm smiles brightly in a dimly lit setting with colorful lights.

Meet Our Contributors… Alison from Western Australia

What did you think about what you read? Did they speak to you and if so how? I love the way she writes, it’s almost like it’s written for me. She really understands the power of clothing, dressing up and being with girls when dressed as a girl too. And then tease and stretching out of the erotic in her stories is just tooooo much. I also love the audiobooks as I can dress up, listen on headphones and get transported into an intense fantasy.

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Get Involved And Help Jenny Record A Naughty Story For You!

I love to write very naughty erotica. And I get messages from my readers that they love it too! I write for a very specific readership. Gurls like me, who adore the transformation into being a sensual, erotic and gorgeous woman. Skirts, nails, makeup, nylons, high heels and so much more…