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Part 1: Hello and nice to meet you… The Results Of The 2024 Crossdressing All Gurl Survey

Nearly 200 crossdressers took my survey over the last week, sharing who they are, sometimes their wildest fantasies, even their most outrageous stories. And there was frustration and sadness in some answers too. All of these emotions I relate to. The survey is still open here and data does update with the dynamic charts here. Thank you, you gorgeous gurls!

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Alice in Genderland: A Crossdresser Comes of Age

Writing the full, uncensored and heartfelt biography of Jenny Raven, a project I began last year, has been at times exhilarating, often confronting, and more recently a real challenge as I face my past. To that end I decided to see how other crossdressers have approached the writing of a biography, and I just finished reading Alice in Genderland: A Crossdresser Comes of Age by Richard Novic, aka Alice.

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Crossdresser Survey 2024​… I want to hear YOUR story…

This survey is primarily to explore crossdressing, but I have found we are all on both a spectrum and journey of gender, sexuality and femininity. The questions are almost all multiple choice, so very easy to do and I will share the results with you. There are boxes where you can expand your answers too, should you wish to.

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GRWM… The Trend Sweeping Socials That Triggers The Girlie Girl In Me

I adore dress-up. I suspect it began when I was around five, but really took hold in my teens. The ritual of choosing an outfit, then enjoying the process of slowly getting dressed, each step feminising myself that bit more… It’s really too much! #faints. The ritual is even more mind blowing when shared with a girlfriend. Oh my, it’s hard to breathe just thinking about it.

Meet The Author: Phoebe Pearl

Phoebe is a passionate writer and loves writing erotica. She’s incredibly passionate about creating stories dealing with transgender women, sissyfication, sissy maids, sissy cuckold husbands and boyfriends, and the dominant men and women who love them for who they are.

Meet The Author: Sissy Joey

Sissy Joey is a talented and captivating author whose passion lies in the realm of feminization erotica. With a unique perspective and personal experiences, she brings a refreshing and authentic voice to the world of sissy and feminization literature. Whether you are a longtime lover of feminization erotica or a curious newcomer to the genre, Sissy Joey welcomes you into a world of tantalizing exploration, where secrets are revealed, boundaries are pushed, and authentic desires are celebrated. Step into the pages of Sissy Joeys’ works and embark on a hot and sexy journey.

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Confessions: It’s time to write my alternative biography

I am looking back at my kinky closet and past life, crammed with lace and nylon, laughs and tears, glorious self expression peppered with shame and guilt, all with a view to at the very least, to share some experiences and reflections so others can maybe learn from them. Viktoria and myself are going to slip into red platform heels, black lace top stockings, short skirts and slink down memory lane together. At least for my book. For hers, who knows what I will need to wear. Boxing gloves perhaps!

Meet The Author: Katya Cumming

Katya Cumming is a gurl from Edinburgh, Scotland, who writes steamy, erotic fiction. Her favourite themes are crossdressers being caught, feminisation, humiliation, and sexual curiosity at any age. She’s published novels, and novellas, and her short stories are contained in two anthologies.