First Time Final Chapter: One Year Later

Music pumped from down the hall.


Backstage, I stood in the green room, where one whole wall was covered in floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Looking at myself in the full length reflection, I parted my legs slightly, shifting my weight to one hip.


I gazed in amazement at the feminine, and sensual creature reflected back at me.


Perhaps it was the confident pose that I struck that made me catch my breath?


Maybe it was my long and sensual legs, and those black patent heels, accentuating my tall and slender frame? Or was it the fact that I had finally embraced a complete transformation tonight? I also wore a long dark wig that cascaded over my shoulders and I had enjoyed a luscious makeover from a professional makeup artist too.


I was completely unrecognisable as the man I used to be.


Not that it mattered now. I had long since abandoned my vanilla male life for this new, exquisitely feminine and erotic one.


The tight black corset pulled at my waistline, giving me an elegant hourglass figure. My red tartan pleated miniskirt, a splash of colour amidst the jet black, was short, the hemline well above the lace tops of my black stockings.


In my hand was the award.


An unusual one. There was no denying it.

A twelve-inch crystal glass cock, engraved with ‘Adult Film Awards, Best Newcomer’, and then my name.


My name.


I was an award winner.


Best in the world!


Reflecting in the mirror was the true me.


It may have taken decades and a chance opportunity to tease her out of the self-imposed prison that I built in my teens. But now she was now out. She was in control. She had amazing friends. And she was fucking sexy as hell.


I heard the door open and the roar of music and cheers from the crowd in the auditorium on the other side of the stage.


I glanced over to see a vixen enter.


Alexa Mae had won Best Female Actress at the awards this evening, and she proudly carried her own twelve inch glass cock with her as she entered.


With a delicate eastern European accent, she seductively uttered, ‘congratulations on your win. You deserve it. Your content is fucking hot. I am a fan.’






A year earlier, my life could not have been more different. Living as a frustrated tranny in the closet and just about making a living from taking product shots for Amazon. And here I was now. With the top adult film actress in the world, and she was complimenting me on MY work.


Alexa was a vision, the pinnacle of erotic feminine energy, albeit the male gaze version. Still, she was hypnotic, her presence intoxicating, her beauty raw and sensual. It was the way her gaze fixed upon me that was most disarming, and I felt completely at her mercy.


Slowly slinking toward me, she continued, ‘so listen, as we are both here, I thought we could shoot some content that would benefit us both? So we could both upload to our accounts tonight, like a special video for our fans from the awards? No?’


Pointing at my phone, ‘We can just use that to film it,’ she suggested in soft and sultry tones, ‘so you know, it’s spontaneous. So it’s real?’


Stepping into my space, she looked up at me, all doe eyes and inviting lips. ‘Trans content is really hot right now, and I haven’t done any yet. So maybe you could take my trans virginity,’ she purred, ‘because you are the best after all.’ She nodded toward my huge crystal engraved cock, ‘the best in the whole wide world, and I like to start at the top.’


She knew she had me. Smiling, she slowly dropped to her knees, nodding to the phone, ‘start filming.’

Without a second thought, I raised the phone and hit record. Of course, by now, it was all muscle memory anyway.


Alexa began stroking my legs. The sensation of her long black nails on the nylon of my stockings was electrifying.


She innocently took her eyeline up to the camera, her chest now heaving in deep breaths, all pouting porn star and ever so slightly performative. Then, a total pro, she looked me in camera lens and uttered, ‘now let’s see what’s up your skirt and in your panties. I’ve never sucked gurlcock before. I suppose there’s a first time for everything…’


Her hands moved up my thighs, crossing the boundary of the lace tops of my stockings to my skin, her eyes never leaving the camera lens until her fingers found her quarry in my panties.


Her lips curled into a smile as she pulled the black lace material to one side, releasing my cock from her knickers. Gently she began wanking me with expertise and slowly opened her mouth to take me in.


‘Oi!’ came the cry from the door.


I looked up, the camera following instinctively.


Ruby stood in the doorway, all fucking twisted steel and lesbian sex appeal. Strapped, booted, pierced, short, cropped jet black hair, tattooed and full of fuck me sass.


I grinned inside. This was vintage Ruby. She’s so fucking cool.


Ruby tilted her head, then strutted across the room, playfully snarling and fully aware that we were filming. She was ready to exploit this moment to the fullest too.


‘There’ll be no sucking of her cock tonight unless I am involved!’ she declared.


Ruby dropped to her knees and a second later, her fingers joined Alexa’s, wrapping around my shaft. She glanced at Alexa, drinking in all her Eastern European beauty, then initiated a long and passionate kiss.

Breaking away from Alexa, Ruby refocused all her erotic energy into the lens as they both slowly continued to wank me off.


Ruby smirked, raising an eyebrow, and spoke directly to the viewers. ‘If you want to see the rest of this video that we are shooting backstage at the Adult Film Awards, with…’ she glances over at Alexa, ‘tonight’s award-winning female actress, Alexa Mae, then sign up to our site or Alexa’s site for that matter.’


Ruby turned to Alexa and demurely asked, ‘now, shall we suck her off together?’


They laughed, looked up to the camera, open their mouths and leaned into me…