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What kind of imagery should I use in my explicit biography? Naughty? Vanilla? You choose!

As you may know, I began writing a biography.

It has been equal parts of giddy excitement and reflective sadness. But it’s a cracking read, especially for us gurls and also for partners of us gurls, to help offer insight into how to build connection and explore fantasy more deeply.

I am approaching a first draft and a question was posed by Viktoria, the amazing woman who is proofing it, and also acting as a mentor for the whole project.

‘Is this a paperback book or a coffee-table book, you know with glossy pictures?’ she posited.

I had not considered this, but I knew the answer right away.

It’s a coffee table book with pictures. Lots of them. Big, shiny, glossy, sexy, slutty… oh my!

At first I thought, yes I can do this with stock images and maybe even some AI art.

Then I thought, no. I should get a photographer and shoot original pictures. Saucy ones. Sexy ones. Ohhh, who do I know who is handy with a camera?

I immediately thought of my close girl friend and talented photographer, Andi (meet her here).

It was an ask for sure. I had no idea what she would say.

I gave her the written work in progress, which she devoured in one sitting. We zoomed and she gushed enthusiastically. So I dropped the question.

‘Will you take some erotic and sensual photographs for the book? Of me? And maybe some other girls?’

She grinned from ear to ear, ‘Of course, I can see it already! And I assumed that was why you asked me to read it…’

I was elated.

Over the coming days I began musing about a second project too, an explicit OnlyFans page with erotic imagery and video that Amazon would NEVER allow in a book. And then I thought, I wonder if I should do an ‘X’ rated version of the book too? One that is likely hardcover and only available from my website, signed by me and at a premium. Maybe only 100 printed in the world?

Nervously, I pitched Andi.

Would she go for it?

I needn’t have worried. Again she grinned, shrugged cheekily and replied ‘That would be cool’.

And so yes, we have begun!

Baby steps. Mostly sensual close ups with fingers with gorgeous nails, holding, touching, stroking, rubbing, massaging… all in full dress, black stockings, heels, dresses and skirts. Hence the image above of a huge pack of different coloured nails for the photos.

I have got to tell you that the experience is simply delicious, having to ‘hold oneself in’ for a LONG TIME while photos and video are shot. But the results are gorgeous. And naughty. VERY NAUGHTY. I wish I could share fully here but likely we would get taken down. And yes I do need to re-shave my legs for the next shoot!

A close-up of shiny red high heels and lace stockings, with soft focus on a woman's hand reaching towards the camera.

So, my question to you is this, do you want to see these pictures in the book? Would you want an explicit and sensual X rated version? Not just the vanilla paperback on Amazon?

Please vote by clicking the imge below, then the red Vote button…

Do leave a comment too as I would love to hear your thoughts.  

UPDATE: I posted the question on Insta and got over 50 replies as of writing (that post now removed by Instagram!). On that post it was 100% ‘naughty please!’

However, I just got an InstaPolice notification saying my account is limited, so it has now been deleted. You can still vote on another post about Andi the photographer too. You can do that HERE.

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Close-up of a hand with red nails resting on a red sequin fabric. Text on image asks readers whether to use "naughty or vanilla" photos in an explicit biography, and invites them to vote.

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