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The Results Are In!

Here are the full results of the 2024 Crossdresser survey. There’s so much to digest, with so many comments to read and consider. I hope you find them illuminating.

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Welcome lover.

If you are like me, you adore everything feminine. Stockings, skirts, heels, scarlet nails…

But most of all, what I desire most is her touch.


It leaves me breathless when I think what it is like to be ME, that is, my most divine and deliciously feme-self, AND still to have her touch. To want me. Desire me. Control me. Well. I may just faint.


I began my love affair with the feminine when I hit sensual maturity. Dressing up and touching myself was all I ever dreamed of. When I finally broke free of my mundane life and left behind a small town for the thrill of London, I eventually found myself on the dance floor of a nightclub…


It was on THIS night I fell-in with a trio who would change my life. Three gurlies, Sasha, Isobel and Ruby, who would deflower me and initiate me into my own sexual misadventure that I still cannot believe happened.


These are my memoires. All true. Except for the bits I made up. All erotically explicit, as I know you like it. I hope you dress up for the audio versions, and be warned, they are tooooo intense for most.


OK gorgeous. Make some alone time, slip on your sexiest black lace top stockings and heels and relax back. Let me take you on a translesbian odyssey that will leave you ruined.


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First Time: A Feminization Fantasy by Jenny Raven

The text message arrived on John’s phone like a thunderbolt. It was from his schoolgirl crush, Ruby, and she had a proposal. And an indecent one at that. After not seeing Ruby for 20 years, John is curious to meet. He is quickly seduced into a filming job that Ruby claims will just be ‘a bit naughty’. Slowly he gets drawn into an erotic and sensual underworld of hedonistic femininity, where his wildest, most personal and secret fantasies might just come true.


Will Ruby finally turn him into the girl of HIS dreams? Who will help her make his transformation? What will they do to him? And what will John finally choose, when he realises he is at a crossroads in his life?


Choose one route, and remain in a dreaded and dull job? Or, choose Ruby with her gang of wild girls and gurls, and embrace a new life in heels, stockings, short skirts and video cameras, making mind bendingly kinky content for a new platform for just ‘fans’?

Get My Book FREE... The Initiation Of Hannah Book One: An Erotic Translesbian Journey

It’s the naughies and Hannah is on a mission to discover herself and open herself to hedonistic erotic adventure. Leaving behind her old dull life, she yearns to find her ‘people’. You see, Hannah has a deep and hidden sexual secret. And it’s on the dance floor at the School Disco nightclub that Hannah is swept into an erotic underworld that even her wildest fantasies could not rival. She was at the gates of sensual heaven and she knew it.


Join her for her feminine journey into translesbian fantasy as she is initiated into her ‘womanhood’. Experience this deflowering of Hannah, at the fingertips, lips and ohhh lalah… of the outrageously gorgeous Sometimes Sasha, overwhelmingly feminine Isobel from Romania and bitch-leader of the pack, mesmeric and seductive Ruby.


This is book one and the start of a sensual journey for Hannah… and for your too and other translesbian erotica lovers, with all-gurl-kinks, feminization and lesbian transformation.

Your invitiation to my initiation

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Get My Book FREE... Ruby's Rose: A Flower For The Plucking

Hannah has a secret in her panties. A secret she is so desperate to share with her new circle of friends. Maybe tonight, when the four of them find themselves in a king size bed, will be the night her secret is revealed. So much of her wants her secret out, but what will happen?


But before that’s even possible, Hannah must pass an initiation with Ruby, to find her rose, and pluck it.


Join Sasha, Isobel and Ruby for a tour de force of sensual and erotic play as each takes their place in the ritual to both deflower Hannah and part the petals of Ruby’s rose… and maybe, just maybe, they will discover the secret in Hannah’s knickers.

A sensual journey for trans lovers, with all-girl-kinks, feminization and lesbian transformation. Get in bed with us, we dare you!


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Confessions: It’s time to write my alternative biography

I am looking back at my kinky closet and past life, crammed with lace and nylon, laughs and tears, glorious self expression peppered with shame and guilt, all with a view to at the very least, to share some experiences and reflections so others can maybe learn from them. Viktoria and myself are going to slip into red platform heels, black lace top stockings, short skirts and slink down memory lane together. At least for my book. For hers, who knows what I will need to wear. Boxing gloves perhaps!

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Meet The Author: Katya Cumming

Katya Cumming is a gurl from Edinburgh, Scotland, who writes steamy, erotic fiction. Her favourite themes are crossdressers being caught, feminisation, humiliation, and sexual curiosity at any age. She’s published novels, and novellas, and her short stories are contained in two anthologies.

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Meet The Author: Sadie Thatcher

Sadie Thatcher grew up in a small conservative town (think Footloose). Spending all that time in a sexually repressed place has led Sadie to need to explore her sexuality through prose. Sadie has been a long time writer, but has now become confident enough to share the explorations of her deepest and darkest sexual fantasies.

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Meet The Author: Clover Cox

Clover is a full time author who specialises in stories with themes around crossdressing, transgender, feminization and gender swaps. Her Amazon Author Page Is HERE Her Email List Is HERE Please meet Clover Cox… Why did you decide to become an author? I’ve always been

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Meet The Author: Vickie Vaughan

Erotic author Vickie Vaughan, uses every day fantasy scenarios she has either experienced or would like to experience to build her narratives. Mostly focusing on hotwife and cuckold scenarios. Her foray into erotica started many years ago with award-winning submissions to web sites like Literotica as early as 2004, and she was encouraged by her success over time to start widely publishing some of the stories she created…

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Alice in Genderland: A Crossdresser Comes of Age

Writing the full, uncensored and heartfelt biography of Jenny Raven, a project I began last year, has been at times exhilarating, often confronting, and more recently a real challenge as I face my past. To that end I decided to see how other crossdressers have approached the writing of a biography, and I just finished reading Alice in Genderland: A Crossdresser Comes of Age by Richard Novic, aka Alice.

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Crossdresser Survey 2024​… I want to hear YOUR story…

This survey is primarily to explore crossdressing, but I have found we are all on both a spectrum and journey of gender, sexuality and femininity. The questions are almost all multiple choice, so very easy to do and I will share the results with you. There are boxes where you can expand your answers too, should you wish to.

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