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Meet Our Contributors… Melissa from the UK

I have asked each of our contributors to the funding of the audiobook for ‘First Time’ to share a bit about themselves. If you want to know more about getting involved, click the big red button gurl! x

What’s the best name for us to call you? Your gurl name?


Where are you from?

The UK.

Have you read any of Jenny’s books?

Yes, I have.

What did you think about what you read? Did they speak to you and if so how?

Very erotic and written in a sensual way.

Why did you contribute to the fund?

I wanted to help with the project and help it grow.

Your fantasy… What outfit makes you feel most sexy?   

Stockings, suspenders, corsets, high heeled boots and latex.

What is the ONE article of clothing you could not live without?

A corset.

What age did you become interested in cross dressing and what was the trigger or event that lead you down this journey?

I was 14/15 and my older brother was doing a gang show with the scouts. I discovered in the bag of props and outfits a pink one piece swimsuit and I was instantly attracted to it. I had to wear it. It felt so good wearing the tight stretchy bathing suit.

What was your most exciting experience dressed as a girl?

When I first applied make up and fully made myself up. I was struggling with my eyeshadow but by some miracle it just clicked into place. I donned my wig and put on my maids uniform and couldn’t believe how good I looked. Such a big thrill.

What is one fantasy you would love to happen in a Jenny Raven book?

Being lured to a house where I’m transformed into a sissy maid and made to serve the mistress and her fellow cohorts

Thank you, Melissa, for being a supporter and I cannot wait to read your name out in the credits.You can find Melissa on Instagram here… https://www.instagram.com/maid_melissa/

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