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Meet Our Contributors… Andi from the UK

I have asked each of our contributors to the funding of the audiobook for ‘First Time’ to share a bit about themselves. If you want to know more about getting involved, click the big red button gurl! x

What’s the best name for us to call you? Your gurl name?


Where are you from?


Have you read any of Jennys books?

All of them.

What did you think about what you read? Did they speak to you and if so how?

I love love love Jenny! I can’t get enough. She is one filthy little minx and I enjoy reading her stories so much. Although I don’t have a similar story to Jenny’s, reading about beautiful gurls having the most gorgeous of adventures does get me a little…. Well, you can fill in the blanks

Why did you contribute to the fund?

Well, having already been a fan of Jenny, and now her photographer too, how could I not?

Your fantasy… What outfit makes you feel most sexy?   

My pleasure is heightened so much by how the other person(s) feels. But I like to be in control, to tease, to bring them to the brink over and over again. Clothing only matters if it matters to them. If they feel sexy, I will be aroused and ready to play.

What is the ONE article of clothing you could not live without?

Black lace shorts. I think you know the kind of shorts I mean.

What age did you become interested in cross dressing and what was the trigger or event that lead you down this journey?

Although I don’t personally cross dress, I find those who do unbelievably sexy. My own feelings and definitions around my gender were always so fluid, I don’t think it actually dawned on me until I was a teenager that wasn’t the way everyone felt. I thought Brian Molko was drop dead gorgeous the first time I saw him, although I thought he was a her. That was probably when I started questioning what my sexuality was, what did everything mean. I was lucky to be in a social crowd where everyone was who they were, and no-one gave a fuck.

What is one fantasy you would love to happen in a Jenny Raven book?

One girl, 2 gurls. At a party or in a nightclub. Either trying to hide what’s happening from people around them, or just going all out and enjoying anyone who decides to watch.

Thank you Andi for being a supporter and I cannot wait to read your name out in the credits.

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Hey! We've raised £330.00 of the £700.00 we are trying to raise for this campaign!

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