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Meet Our Contributors… Alison from Western Australia

I have asked each of our contributors to the funding of the audiobook for ‘First Time’ to share a bit about themselves. If you want to know more about getting involved, click the big red button gurl! x

What’s the best name for us to call you? Your gurl name?


Where are you from?

Western Australia.

Have you read any of Jenny’s books?

Yes, all of them and LOVE them.

What did you think about what you read? Did they speak to you and if so how?

I love the way she writes, it’s almost like it’s written for me. She really understands the power of clothing, dressing up and being with girls when dressed as a girl too. And then tease and stretching out of the erotic in her stories is just tooooo much. I also love the audiobooks as I can dress up, listen on headphones and get transported into an intense fantasy.

Why did you contribute to the fund?

I want to hear her new book and have the aural experience, I so adored with her last two books.

What age did you become interested in cross dressing and what was the trigger or event that lead you down this journey?

I discovered nylons around age five and loved how they felt. It was only when I hit puberty that it really grew and I would spend as much time as I could crossdressing. Sadly my parents found out and I was shamed into thinking I was somehow ill. After leaving home I was able to restart, and after therapy, I am in a very good place now.

What was your most exciting experience dressed as a girl?

The first time I was with another girl and she encouraged me to dress up. I adore dressing up with other girls, especially when we both do it. I struggle to breathe I can get so excited!

Your fantasy… What outfit makes you feel most sexy?

I love a sequin dress, black stockings and heels. Makes me feel so naughty.

What is the ONE article of clothing you could not live without?

It’s a toss up between heels and stockings. But lace top stockings would win, because of how they look and feel on my skin. I would of course sneak in some heels too, and a miniskirt while I am at it.

What is one fantasy you would love to happen in a Jenny Raven book?

I would love her to make a video with me like she does in her book ‘First Time’, and for all of that to happen, even with Sasha too. The ritual of getting dressed with her, trying on clothes, knowing what is coming, is just too much. I love the way Ruby talks and the way she guides the transformation, such acceptance and sensuality.

NOTE: Alison declined to send us a photo as she wants to remain anonymous. So I made one with AI for her, based loosely on her profile pic. She has approved and rather likes it!

Thank you Alison for being a supporter and I cannot wait to read your name out in the credits.

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