A person with tattoos and short hair is holding a camera and looking at the lens. Light filters through curtains in the background.

Meet Andi, Our Outrageously Talented Photographer For My Biography Book

Andi is one of the most audacious and talented photographers I know. And she has agreed to take all the photos for my biography. Including the very naughty ones. I am beyond thrilled!

She also specialises in ‘kink’ photography.


I have known Andi for years after we went to college together. She even took photos of us all at Rocky Horror back in Manchester when, for the first time in my life, I could strut my sexy stuff out in public… heels, stockings and fucking attitude!

We reconnected a few years ago and I was delighted to discover she hadn’t changed at all. Now with short bed-head prupley hair, eyeliner, eybrows to die for, piercings and an abundance of tats. She wears it all very well. Still as tall and lanky as I remembered, and just as personable, hard working and relaxed. And of course, her trusted DSLR always in hand or in her bag, ready to be put into action in a heartbeat. As backup she also carries a tiny Sony camera and her favourite, an old skool Polaroid.

We have done a couple of very intimate test shoots already.


I admit I was nervous dressing for her and her camera.

But I need not have been concerned, she grinned with glee at every pose, setup and position, directing me like a pro. We started with a series of fairly innocuous images, but soon we crossed a threshold into very naughty and unrestrained shots. It was an important barrier to break, so that we both knew that we could comfortably both go there. So we did. And it was magical.

Deep down, I can sense that she also loves the sensual and erotic exploration we are undertaking together, to create truly startling, kinkyAF-coffee-table-book imagery. It’s beyond deliriously exciting. She has loads of experience of course, but still, I was unsure of how she would feel taking the pix.

She also knows Ruby from way back when. I am bracing myself for when we all finally meet up metaphorically in the pages of my books, if not literally in person, and we get into bed with Ruby, Sasha and Izobel.

Phew! I need to lie down!

A person with pink hair and multiple tattoos holds a white mug, smiling and looking at the camera.

I can’t wait to get the full colour hardbook book printed and shared with you. And I am confident that visually it will be gorgeous, sensual and very very naughty, now that Andi is helming the pictures.

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