October 11, 2023

Meet The Author: Vickie Vaughan

Erotic author Vickie Vaughan, uses every day fantasy scenarios she has either experienced or would like to experience to build her narratives. Mostly focusing on hotwife and cuckold scenarios. Her foray into erotica started many years ago with award-winning submissions to web sites like Literotica as early as 2004, and she was encouraged by her success over time to start widely publishing some of the stories she created…

A collage of many pictures of women in lingerie.

Meet The Author: Ann Michelle

Ann is a best selling Erotic Author, specializing in quality forced feminization fiction! Over 60 No. 1 sellers! When she was young, there wasn’t much TV/TG fiction out there, and often she found that what was out there, didn’t really speak to her. So she started writing her own stories. Now she shares them with you.